How to Network Online


When you hear the word ‘networking’ often images of drinks receptions and forced conversation are conjured. The term has become more than a little overused, and although I’ve used it in a few articles I do find it slightly cringey! However, if we think of it as simply getting to know people that you admire and respect in your industry then we’re on safe ground.

We all know that attending blogger events is a great way to meet local and relevant bloggers to you- but  let’s be realistic, most people barely make one every couple of months! Learning to get to know people online, and become a recognised online figure is invaluable. Not only will your great reputation precede you when you do meet up with your online peers, you’ll be able to really build on your following and online authority. If you need a few tips on how to do this, look no further…..

Email People Personally- And Not to Ask For Something!

One thing we all know online networking can miss out on at times is the personal touch. Often we leave emailing until we need something, a guest post request, a product; emailing someone just to say hi and that you like what they do will immediately make you stand out! Whether you email a brands to say you love a product and have written a review, or get in touch with anther blogger to say you love their latest post; a quick email is going to be greatly appreciated.

Follow Up Conversations

Ever ended up having a great conversation with someone on twitter, and then nothing comes of it? Perhaps it’s because you didn’t follow it up! This isn’t appropriate in every circumstance, but particularly during blogger chats, following up to those you’ve spoken to can be a great way to cement a new alliance or friendship! A simple tweet saying you really enjoyed hearing their thoughts the next day will suffice, but if you really liked what they had to say you could always try an email. As you might be able to tell I’m a big fan of a good old fashioned email when it comes to online networking!

Create a Follow Up Calendar

Nothing will kill the vibe like emailing someone 3 days in a row by accident- or leaving it for months! Create a little spreadsheet letting you know who you’ve contacted and when. That way, once you’ve sent an outreach email you’ll know when you’ve contacted your target, and after 3 days you can send a timely follow up! This is especially helpful if you tend to send out a lot of emails!

Are you winning at online networking? Or do you struggle to build relationships online? Leave your comments, tips and questions below….



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