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Vloggers vs Bloggers

Now, I hope I don’t come across as being a bit big headed here, but at the Bloggers’ Lounge we think of ourselves as experts on blogging. When we aren’t writing tips and ideas for you lovely lot on how to make your blog better, we are reading blogs. And we read a LOT. Anything […]

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The Unglamorous Side of Professional Blogging

The Unglamorous Side of Professional Blogging

There’s something a lot of professional bloggers might not be telling you. With all the images of jet-setting, gifts, delicious food and busy lifestyles it can be easy to assume bloggers have the ideal lifestyle- little do you know there’s another less attractive side to the whole thing! Don’t get me wrong, if you can […]

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15 GIFs all Bloggers Will Relate To

Sometimes blogging can be tough. Newbie blogger, or an old hand, these GIFs are probably the best blogger GIFs of all time. 1. Blogging is often a bit like treading water, especially when you have just started. Keep paddling! 2. There will be haters: 3. People will write nasty comments below your posts. *DON’T FEED […]

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how to be a successful blogger

How to be a Successful Blogger

Reaching ‘successful blog’ status is hard. Blogging can be pretty daunting and a bit like venturing in to the unknown. But if you align your working ethos and habits to those of successful people, you’ll be much more likely to get your blog where you’d like it to be – whether that’s a blog full […]

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how to drive traffic to old blog posts

How to Drive Traffic to Old Posts

Driving traffic to old blog posts is a great way to keep your numbers up, maintain evergreen content, and encourage people to move around your site rather than just sticking to the homepage. And not only that- it’s an incredibly easy way to drive traffic! You already have the content written and prepared, all you […]

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National UK Blog Awards 2015 are Open!

The National UK Blog Awards for 2015 are now open! If you don’t know much about the awards, it’s a great way to get your name out there and really jump into the blogging community. Entering competitions, awards and attending events is all part of the learning process of blogging, and meeting new people who […]

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