How to Prepare for a Blogger Networking Event


Attending blogger networking events is without a doubt a great way to begin making your mark in the world of blogging. Not only will you be able to write a great post about your experience and have fun, you’ll be able to build valuable relationships with other bloggers in your niche. When attending such an event, take a brief look over our checklist to make sure you’re fully prepared and can make the most out of every networking experience.
• Do your research.
Don’t turn up to an event with little idea of what to expect or who will be there. You never know, some of your favourite bloggers could be attending- you don’t want to be caught short. Spend a little time researching the blogger/brand that has organised the event so you can work out what the atmosphere will be like. Then, do a little digging to see if you can find out who will be attending! If you turn up knowing what to expect you’ll have a far better chance of making some lasting connections during the event.

• Work out what your aims are.
Of course part of the reason you’ll attend blogger events will be to relax and socialise, but there should be an element of you that remembers this is a networking opportunity you may well be able to benefit from. Are you hoping simply to get some great advice from fellow bloggers? If so work out what you might be able to learn from other attendees. Of course your main aim will probably be to build new relationships with other bloggers there, so work out how you’re going to do this before you go. Perhaps think of a few blogger collaboration ideas to suggest.

• Don’t come on too strong!
Although we by all means advise making the most of your time at the event, you need to strike the balance between business and social time. No one will appreciate you diving straight in with collaboration requests or a request to follow you on Bloglovin. In fact if it’s your first time at one of these events, you may be best off doing a little research, turning up and just talking to as many bloggers as you can.

Networking can be daunting- but remember everyone attends these events for the same reason. Don’t feel too pressured to come back with dozens of new contacts, just focus on building a few bridges!


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