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What Makes a Good Homepage?

Every homepage has a different requirement, and of course yours should reflect the individual nature of your blog. However there are a few simple improvement tips that apply to most sites, so if you’re thinking about a redesign or just a couple of adjustments here are a few pointers on what makes an attractive homepage. […]

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How to Create a Great Media Kit!

A media kit is a pack of information about yourself, your blog and what you can offer to partners. If you are at the stage where working with brands is becoming a real goal for you, it’s time to put together a media pack. Here’s a full guide to help you along the way! What’s […]

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The UK Blog Awards 2014- The Winners!

I was incredibly excited to hear that the Bloggers’ Lounge won best organisation PR and Communications blog 2014 at this year’s UK blog awards! Not only that, but an amazing section of bloggers were highly commended and won awards- here is the list of winners so you can take a look for yourself! Arts and Culture  […]

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Is Your Blog Targeted Enough?

It’s great to be versatile and write about a range of topics- but stretching yourself too thinly could be detrimental to the quality and potential of your blog. Especially when you’re starting out, it’s certainly worth thinking about a small range of topics which work well together. Not only this, you need to remember that […]

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How to Maintain Brand Relationships

Once you’ve secured yourself a brand collaboration the hard work is far from over. Usually a relationship will begin with something simple, like a review or a competition- the key is to not let this contact be the last.  You need to make sure you build on this initial project so both you and the […]

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Heartbleed Bug: Need-to-Knows for Bloggers

Some big sites that use SSL encryption have been exposed to a security bug called ‘Heart Bleed’ last week. Sites affected, or possibly affected, include Pinterest, Gmail, WordPress, and Etsy. Possible consequences of account hit could be disclosure of personal information, even in some cases for instant messaging apps. However, this should not be cause […]

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Featured Blogger: Gemma Fottles!

This week our featured blogger is travel addict Gemma Fottles! Read on for her thoughts on travel blogging, the difficulties bloggers face and where she’d like to be in one year from now! To start, tell us a little about yourself and your blog! I’m 23 years old and after graduating uni in 2012, decided […]

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