How To Get PRs To Notice You

How To Get PRs To Notice You 2

Bloggers have become increasingly more and more valuable to PRs; they have a power to significantly boost a brands ranking from an SEO perspective, as well as their presence on social media. A brand partnership can do wonders for your blog, and also give you some really fun things to do! But you need to be able to get the attention of PRs, and simply writing ‘PR Friendly’ in your Twitter bio or About Me section just won’t cut it anymore- in fact it might do more harm than good, as people may think you’re just in it for freebies.

So how do you get your blog to stand out to PRs? Take a look at our three tips below to find out!

  1. Create media pack

Having a media pack shows PRs that you are a professional, and think of your blog as your career. In your media pack you can immediately let PRs know of your metrics, page views, social media followings and prices. You can also use your media pack to show off your best work and the amazing posts you have created.


  1. Have a USP

Your blog needs to have something that makes it look completely different- and puts it ahead of other blogs- whether it is your amazing photography skills, excellent writing, and unique choice of topic or style, make sure you find an aspect of your blog and keep it completely ‘you’.


  1. Put the time in

Obviously many of you have jobs, or school work and so can’t commit to your blog full time, but you still need to spend as much time as possible on your blog. Make sure that everything actually works- your social media buttons, your menu, and that there are no broken links. Use analytics to keep track of how your blog is doing, and very importantly make sure that you keep updating and keeping your content fresh- schedule posts for when you are away, and always look for an opportunity to create a new post, are you going out somewhere you’ve never been before, have you redecorated a room in your home? There will always be something to blog about, just keep an eye open!


What do you think? Do you have any tips to get bloggers noticed by PRs? Put them in the comments

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