5 Things You Should Do Before Tweeting!

5 Things You Should Do Before Tweeting

Before I even jump into this article, I don’t want you to think this applies to every tweet you do! Of course it’s great to plan the occasional tweet especially if it relates to your blog, but all the best twitter accounts have a mix of really well planned tweets mixed with some good old off-the-cuff tweeting! Don’t plan everything you tweet- it’s good to be spontaneous and natural on social media.

Although saying that- there is always a place for a well planned perfectly timed tweet. Whether it’s a blog post, a competition you’re running or something you really want to share; if you need a tweet to reach its full potential  then look no further, because as always I have some tips for that……

Should You Attach a Picture?

A picture says a thousand words…..sometimes. Pictures are great for Facebook but I wouldn’t pack your twitter feed with them; however, sometimes a nice picture can really illustrate a point as well as making a tweet stand out. One blogger I feel does this really well is the lovely Carrie of ‘Wish Wish Wish’- take a gander at her twitter feed to get you inspired: https://twitter.com/wishwishwish

“The perfect tweet should not only build on your social following and promote shares, but should get people back to your site.”

Track Links

Tracking your links is a brilliant way of working out how successful your individual tweets are, in terms of driving traffic to your site. The perfect tweet should not only and promote shares, but should get people back to your site. If you use a tool like Bitly you’ll be able to see not only how many clicks a link gets, but at what times and from what parts of the word. Information like this really is the key to honing your skills online. The more you know about your followers and what they enjoy, the more you’ll be able to provide them with the best content!

Tweeting to a Specific Person

If you’re tweeting out one of your posts, you might want to include people you’ve mentioned when you tweet it out. If you’ve reviewed a brand or mentioned a fellow blogger- or even a friend, include them in the tweet to increase the potential of a bonus share from them!

Check if You’re Tweeting at the Right Time

A few times I’ve tweeted out a blogging tips article, only to realise there was a blogging tips twitter chat 20 mins later. This isn’t the end of the world and there is nothing wrong with tweeting the same post more than once- but it was poor planning on my part.  Make sure you swat up on the chats schedule, and tweet out at the most relevant time possible. When better to tweet out an article than when you know a relevant and engaged audience is going to be live and waiting.

“You may find it’s very rarely used and therefore not many people will be engaging with it.”


We all know the score here. Hashtags are a great way to automatically amplify your content- although they should only be used if they’re relevant! Don’t use hashtags which are trending but have nothing to do with your content- I can promise you this won’t gain you followers. However using a couple of highly relevant and well used hashtags will definitely benefit your tweet. It’s worth searching a hashtag before you use it. You may find it’s very rarely used and therefore not many people will be engaging with it.

Do you have a pre-tweet ritual?  Give us your tips and ideas below……

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