How to Write a Good Outreach Email: Approaching Brands and Bloggers


Promoting your blog and building relationships will rely heavily on your ability to connect with people online. Sending a good outreach email when connecting with bloggers and brands will become an essential part of this. A bad first impression is obviously far from ideal- not to mention having your email sent straight to junk! If you’re thinking of reaching out via email, take a look at these simple but very effective tips for outreach success!

Minimise the amount of links you include

This is key if you’ve never emailed the person before. Sending an email heavily laden with links will most likely see your email ending up straight in someone’s junk- which is the last thing you’ll want! Save the links for the second email, when they’ve already replied and know your email is safe for their inbox!

Don’t be afraid to use your natural tone of voice!

I’m known for using a ridiculous amount of exclamation marks, and in the past I’ve been told to tailor my enthusiastic tone depending on whom I’m getting in touch with. Although this is true to a degree, to be honest I find using your natural tone always works best! Be this serious, friendly or straight to the point; writing emails as naturally as you can always comes across better rather than editing and reediting something for hours until it becomes bland and impersonal!

Always end with a question

Simple, please please always do this. It works!

Be clear and concise

In other words don’t ramble. Remember, you’re opening up a conversation- you’ll have plenty of time to say everything you need once you have someone engaged in a conversation. Don’t scare them off with a 1000 word essay about your blog. Keep it clean and to the point when introducing yourself.

Use a very brief follow up email for those who don’t reply

If someone doesn’t reply don’t give up. I’m not saying keep sending emails until the give in, but there are many reasons for not replying to any email. After your first email, if you hear nothing after 72 hours send a very very brief follow up. Literally just one sentence will do, letting them know you emailed previously and asking if they had any questions for you. Often follow up emails get a better uptake than the initial wave of outreach!

Personalise your email

You might think everyone does this, but you’d be surprised! It’s natural to want to reply to an email where someone has taken the time to include at least your name and a little about why it’s you they’re emailing! No need to write 100 words on how great the person you’re contacting is, but let them know your email is specifically for them and not a mass email meant for 300 people!

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