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3 Things Bloggers Could Learn from PR

3 Things Bloggers Could Learn from PR’s

Many bloggers work closely with PR’s and many more have thought about working in the industry, but do we take enough time thinking  about what we can learn from public relations experts? Here are a few PR musts that all bloggers could benefit from using. Keep a Database if All Your Contacts Create an actual […]

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Career Options for Bloggers

Career Options for Bloggers

Running a successful blog is certainly something to be proud of. Anyone who knows what it takes to build a following and a loyal readership will respect a blogger who’s created a thriving site. This will absolutely give you an advantage when you’re talking to employers, and there are a few careers out there that […]

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How to Get Invited to Blogger Events

How to Get Invited to Blogger Events

Blogger events are a great perk of the job! Getting to meet new bloggers and meeting brands means that blogger events are often extremely popular. But what do you do if you’re missing out on invites? Here are a few pointers…… Engage with Relevant Brands on Twitter There are so many bloggers out there, that […]

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38 Blog Post Ideas

38 Blog Post Ideas!

When you’re rushed for time and lacking inspiration it can be easy to forget just how much scope you have as a blogger. You’re the editor, producer, writer and CEO- the content that goes live is totally controlled by you, which is one of the very best things about blogging independently. There are dozens of […]

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