Starting a Blog

Starting a Blog: The Beginner’s Guide

Starting a blog from scratch is incredibly daunting- but also really exciting! There is a fantastic community of bloggers out there who are willing to help and eager to connect, and once you get started you’ll soon find that you have a massive support network readymade. To help those of you who are starting out, […]

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google's mobile update

Google Mobile Update: 101 for Bloggers

Guess what folks? Google have changed their algorithm again, and their most recent change is all about how your website ranks for mobile usability. Think this is a really dry topic? It might not be as fun as finding out which fashion bloggers you should follow on Instagram, or choosing hashtags for each day of […]

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How To Say No To Brands

  So, you’ve been outreached by a brand but it’s not exactly what you want to do, so you need to turn them down. It is your blog after all, you have worked really hard on it and you should always, always only work with people who will benefit your blog and your readers, and […]

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3 Things Bloggers Could Learn from PR

3 Things Bloggers Could Learn from PR’s

Many bloggers work closely with PR’s and many more have thought about working in the industry, but do we take enough time thinking  about what we can learn from public relations experts? Here are a few PR musts that all bloggers could benefit from using. Keep a Database if All Your Contacts Create an actual […]

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10 Quick Ways to Tidy up Your Blog

Justify your content Centred text or right aligned just looks messy and you want your blog to look as uniformed and straight as possible.   Images are the same size All our images are 623 pix in width so they fill the page. It makes the posts look neater and everything matches.   All your […]

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