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How To Say No To Brands

  So, you’ve been outreached by a brand but it’s not exactly what you want to do, so you need to turn them down. It is your blog after all, you have worked really hard on it and you should always, always only work with people who will benefit your blog and your readers, and […]

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3 Things Bloggers Could Learn from PR

3 Things Bloggers Could Learn from PR’s

Many bloggers work closely with PR’s and many more have thought about working in the industry, but do we take enough time thinking  about what we can learn from public relations experts? Here are a few PR musts that all bloggers could benefit from using. Keep a Database if All Your Contacts Create an actual […]

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10 Quick Ways to Tidy up Your Blog

Justify your content Centred text or right aligned just looks messy and you want your blog to look as uniformed and straight as possible.   Images are the same size All our images are 623 pix in width so they fill the page. It makes the posts look neater and everything matches.   All your […]

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regal rose

Apply to work with Regal Rose!

  THIS CAMPAIGN IS NOW CLOSED! Work with Fashion Jewellery Brand Regal Rose! We are really excited to announce that we are now working with one of our favourite brands Regal Rose! We know that many of you already love their jewellery, which is why we’re extra excited for our latest blogger collaboration opportunity #regalbloggers. […]

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Hashtags for Every Day of the Week

Hashtags for Every Day of the Week!

We are big fans of the trusty hashtag on the Bloggers’ Lounge. Yes, they are routinely ridiculed, but deep down, we all know that they are how we bloggers search, find, and promote online. Let me explain hashtags to all you social media dunces out there: hashtags were created so that lovely people such as […]

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Career Options for Bloggers

Career Options for Bloggers

Running a successful blog is certainly something to be proud of. Anyone who knows what it takes to build a following and a loyal readership will respect a blogger who’s created a thriving site. This will absolutely give you an advantage when you’re talking to employers, and there are a few careers out there that […]

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How to Increase Your Page Views

How to Increase Your Page Views

It’s important to bring readers to your site, but that isn’t then end of the line. Once someone is on your site, you want to entertain them enough to keep them there! Keeping track of the page views you get as well as the unique users that visit your site is a great way to […]

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