How to Keep Your Readers Happy!

How to Keep Your Readers Happy

As a blogger you rely on your readers for success, it really is as simple as that. The nature of blogging means that sometimes sitting behind a computer screen can remove you from the fact that you actually have people reading your content. Your readers should be at the core of everything you produce. If you’re seeing engagement or traffic starting to drop, it might be time to think about how you can please your readership and how you can keep them engaged and interested. Here are a few ways to engage your readership, and give them something they’ll really want!

Reply to Comments and Engage in Conversations on Social

One fairly obvious way to alienate your readers is to ignore them! If someone asks you a question on social, or comments asking for more information on a blog post then be sure to reply. Not only is this a great way to build relationships with your readers meaning you’re more likely to have a loyal readership, you’re showing them that there is a person behind the blog!

Ask Your Readership what they Want!

It’s hard to know what your readership want without asking. Of course you can tell which posts are doing well from Google Analytics, but to add a personal touch why not actually ask your readership once in a while?! Readers really appreciate having a post dedicated to a question they’ve asked or a topic they have mentioned.

Run Competitions and Giveaways to say ‘Thank You’ to your Following

This isn’t a sustainable solution, but it certainly helps to work with a brand to run a fun giveaway every now and again! Make sure the product you’re giving away is relevant to your blog and your readers. We have an article on running a great blog giveaway if you need any pointers!

Is your readership happy? What do you think makes a happy blog reader? Let us know what you think in the comments below….

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