Twitter and Google: What Bloggers Should Know

Twitter and Google partnership

All you need to know about the recent partnership between Twitter and Google, and how this may affect your blog’s visibility.

Twitter has struck a deal with Google for tweets to feature in Google search results. This means Google have access to Twitter’s platform, and will feature real-time tweets in their results pages. This is big news for digital geeks working in Search, or business who need to generate traffic, but what does it mean for bloggers? Here are some basic points for bloggers to consider:


  • Google will show your tweets ‘real-time’ in their results, and enhance your social visibility. You might get more clicks to your Twitter!


  • Be aware that your tweets will be visible in Google search. If you aren’t already, make sure you are the first to tweet when something exciting happens in your chosen area of blogging. For example, if you are fashion blogger and a new brand is launched, try and tweet quickly and informatively.


  • Being active on Twitter will be good for your blog! The new partnership could affect your search visibility: Google’s algorithm didn’t use to be able to trawl through Twitter’s data. Now it can. We will never know what the exact algorithm is that Google uses, but expect that your activity on Twitter will be taken into account when Google is crawling your blog.


  • ‘Evergreen content’ is really good for your blog (read a post that the Bloggers’ Lounge wrote about it here). However, ‘real time’ search is another factor to consider. People like to search for things happening *right now*. Keep writing those timeless blog posts, but make sure your finger is on the pulse too.


  • Twitter might be the first large social platform Google have done a deal with, but it won’t be the last. Look to the future and maintain and be active on all your other social platforms.


Bloggers: don’t worry too much about this big business deal. The key thing to remember is to carry on writing good quality blog posts, and enjoy being on social!

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