3 Things Brands Want from Bloggers

3 Things Brands Want from Bloggers

We’ve had a lot of questions on what it is that brands actually want from a collaboration with a blogger. Often it’s assumed that all brands look for is large numbers on social- but as someone who often mediates between brands and bloggers I can tell you this is far from the truth. Each time a brand chooses to work with a blogger, the brand representative will often have to justify why they have chosen this particular site- and numbers alone won’t cut it! Below are three of the most common things that brands we work with have asked us to look out for when we arrange projects with bloggers:

  1. Engagement

Engagement is absolutely paramount to most PR and marketing managers; great engagement indicates that your readers trust you and will most likely engage with any brands you work with. If you’re constantly involved in conversations online and are a leader within the blogging community, your influence will stand out and this counts for far more than mere numbers. I’m not saying that numbers are irrelevant, but I am saying that having the ability to engage and excite your audience is far more valuable.

  1. A Clear Offering

If you have a clear idea of how you work and can clearly communicate this to potential clients/brands then you’ll have a far better chance of securing a partnership. Showing that you can lead a collaboration, and come up with campaign ideas which play to your strength will show brands that you are experienced and reliable- not to mention that if the ideas come from you they are bound to be successful!

  1. Case Studies with Results

Nothing will help you secure a brand collaboration better than some hard proof that your blog gets results. If you’re not already, you should be keeping a keen eye on every collaboration you run and if something goes well you should start putting together a compelling and engaging case study.

Take a look at our piece on How to Build a Case Study to Pitch to Brands for more information on putting something together!

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