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google's mobile update

Google Mobile Update: 101 for Bloggers

Guess what folks? Google have changed their algorithm again, and their most recent change is all about how your website ranks for mobile usability. Think this is a really dry topic? It might not be as fun as finding out which fashion bloggers you should follow on Instagram, or choosing hashtags for each day of […]

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Hashtags for Every Day of the Week

Hashtags for Every Day of the Week!

We are big fans of the trusty hashtag on the Bloggers’ Lounge. Yes, they are routinely ridiculed, but deep down, we all know that they are how we bloggers search, find, and promote online. Let me explain hashtags to all you social media dunces out there: hashtags were created so that lovely people such as […]

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All you need to know about the recent partnership between Twitter and Google, and how this may affect your blog’s visibility. Twitter has struck a deal with Google for tweets to feature in Google search results. This means Google have access to Twitter’s platform, and will feature real-time tweets in their results pages. This is […]

bloggers and brands social media strategies

Brands + Social Media: What Bloggers Can Learn

‘Turns out there are some successful brand social media strategies you bloggers might want to pay attention to! As a blogger, it is important that you cultivate a strong personal or blog identity in order to grow your fan base. This is often a long process, with many different facets. We talk about creating great […]

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khloe kardashian hashtag fact

15 GIFs all Bloggers Will Relate To

Sometimes blogging can be tough. Newbie blogger, or an old hand, these GIFs are probably the best blogger GIFs of all time. 1. Blogging is often a bit like treading water, especially when you have just started. Keep paddling! 2. There will be haters: 3. People will write nasty comments below your posts. *DON’T FEED […]

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Mustela Bloggers' Lounge competition

Win Tickets to the Baby Show with Mustela

It’s competition time! The Bloggers’ Lounge is pairing up with luxe baby skin care brand Mustela to give you a chance of winning one of 4 tickets to The Baby Show, London Olympia 24-26th October. Recently launched in the UK, Mustela are the most popular pregnancy and baby skin care brand in Europe, with their […]

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Klout for bloggers

How Should Bloggers Use Klout?

If you want to blog successfully, you need to maximise the impact of your Social Media. There are many tools and metrics have been developed to help you measure, schedule and track the impact of your social activity that have launched, failed, and thrived these past few years. One metric that many thought, only last […]

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4 Metrics for Blogging Success

 ‘Metrics’ is a word that can strike fear in to the heart of many a blogger. As a blogger, you are probably a very creative person, so sifting through blog stats and metrics may seem like a bit of a nightmare. However, once you know what you are looking for, you will gain a better […]

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Free Photo Editing Tools for Bloggers

It’s all very well have great content, but part of the joy of blogging is knowing how to present it. One of the best things about reading blogs is looking at the amazing things some bloggers can do with images. From beautiful style lay outs, to collages, to image collages, there are endless ways to […]

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Top 5 Mobile Apps for Bloggers

There is nothing better than discovering a new app. Everyone has a smartphone these days, and there are squillions of apps out there for you to choose from. Bloggers are busy people, often with ‘real’ jobs too! Dividing your time between keeping up with your blog from your laptop at home, and then going in […]

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