Write Better Blog Posts: 3 Tips To Enhance Your Writing Skills

Write Better Blog Posts

Everyone has their own way of writing and in truth there is no quick way to become an efficient and skilled blogger; however there are certain tips and tricks that you can use to help you write up better blog posts without slaving over your computer for hours. Here are a few ideas we’ve been using whilst creating posts for the Bloggers’ Lounge!

  1. Take it Offline

I find that often the worst writers block comes to me when I’m spending lots of time staring at my screen. I really recommend taking some time out from your computer and getting a notebook out. This really helps for two key reasons:

  • Putting pen to paper without the distraction of being online can really help new ideas flow
  • You can use your notes as a guide to help you structure your final post whilst writing, which leads onto our next point….
  1. Structure Your Post Before Writing

I used to dive straight into writing without properly planning what I wanted to get across in my post, but after realising what a difference sitting down for just 2 minutes to plan a post makes I swear by it!  Even if you just open up a word doc and include a few bullet points to work from, or write down a few points in a notepad, quick guide will really help you to formulate your thoughts before writing.

  1. Get Everything Written, and Then Go Over to Edit

Editing whilst writing can be a minefield; it can really stunt the creative process! I like to get all my ideas written down as soon as I have them, even if this means the initial draft is laden with mistakes! Even if you’re a perfectionist and leaving mistakes behind makes your skin crawl, push through and carry on writing. Once you have the first draft down you can spend all the time you like editing and retouching your piece, safe in the knowledge that your content includes all your points and ideas!

Do you have any writing tips of your own?! Let us know how you write in the comments below!

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