How to Generate New Blog Post Ideas

generate blog ideas


It’s been longer than you usually like since your last blog, you’ve had in the back of your head you need to get something out there, but nothing springs to mind. Sound familiar?

Hopefully, after reading through this constructive advice those days will be behind you….

  1. Focus on your target audience

Surely this is obvious, and you no doubt have done this. But focus harder, much harder. Imagine one of your readers, phone in hand scrolling through your blog – who is this person? What are they wearing? How old are they? What would they be up to this weekend? What position would they have come in their school egg and spoon race? (May not be applicable).

Then ask yourself, what would THEY want to read about. Once you have this vivid image in your head of your target reader you will find ideas start to flow. Go on, give it a try…..

  1. Start wide, then narrow down

This method will really help you draw out an idea. Start with a really broad blog idea – perhaps one you have written before or one that may think is too general to write about. For example, a broad idea for The Bloggers Lounge might be ‘How to write a good blog’. Once you have the general idea it’s time to get more specific. In fact, you are actually adding to it. Let’s continue with our example:

‘How to write a blog’….

….’How to write a blog introduction

.…’How to write a blog to compliment your brand

….’How to write a blog and get paid for it

Suddenly, by adding to the original, the ideas start to run. Go get your pen out and have a scribble.

  1. Don’t just kick back and wait

Often it is easy to wait for an idea to come to you. ‘Oh it will just come to me when I least expect it’, you may think. Sometimes it will, sometimes it won’t. It is always best to actively go out and make that idea come to you. Whether it is using the above techniques or one of your own, it is always best to make it happen.

Good luck and let us know your techniques!

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  1. Storm May 6, 2015 at 5:20 pm #

    Thanks for the help! One thing I really detest is bloggers block! :/