How to Drive Traffic to Old Posts

how to drive traffic to old blog posts

Driving traffic to old blog posts is a great way to keep your numbers up, maintain evergreen content, and encourage people to move around your site rather than just sticking to the homepage. And not only that- it’s an incredibly easy way to drive traffic! You already have the content written and prepared, all you need to do is give it a little love and it’ll soon be driving traffic! Here are just a few very simple ways you can use your older content to help you gain more traffic.

Create New Images for Each Social Media Channel

I tend to do this once every few months. Creating a fresh image for each channel you use, can really give your content a new lease of life. Pinterest is a key channel for this; creating a pinnable image and pinning it can work absolute wonders for older content. Some of our oldest posts are in fact the ones driving the most traffic- and it’s all down to Pinterest!

When it comes to Twitter and Facebook, I’ll usually do something simple like create a nice image explaining a little about the post itself. Images on social media channels are really important- so don’t feel like you need to just use one image for each article. The more the merrier!

Keep an Eye on Current Events Relevant to Your Blog

Old content can really come into its own if something relevant happens in the media which makes it relevant again, and keeping an eye on current events is something that all bloggers should find time for anyway. Google alerts are a great way to keep on top of your niche without having to crawl through news sites for relevant information.

If you see a topic that you’ve written about pop up in the news, then look online for relevant hashtags and see who’s talking about it. Then get tweeting, and share your article! You might even want to add a few sentences to the post to make it relevant to the latest update.

Find Other Bloggers who Have Written About Similar Topics

Have a search, both on Google and social media sites (twitter most likely works best in this instance) and find bloggers, journalists or news sites that are talking about topics on posts you’d like to give a bit of a boost. If it’s a product review, perhaps find publications who have written about the product and tweet them your review. Alternatively, look for people who are looking for advice on a topic you specialise in and send people who are looking for help any relevant articles you have.

Use Internal Linking

Internal linking is extremely important! It’s great for SEO, and is a good way of leading people around your site and using old content to boost the authority of your newer posts. Especially if you’ve been blogging for over a year you’ll no doubt have a huge amount of content on a variety of topics within your niche. Make sure you use this old content to bulk out your new posts! For example, if you mention a product or place that you’ve reviewed- link back to your review every time!

Do you have any old posts you’ve recently seen increase in traffic?! Do you have any questions/tips?! Comment below! 

2 Responses to How to Drive Traffic to Old Posts

  1. Joanne January 25, 2015 at 2:27 pm #

    I always check my popular content to see whether it’s up to date, as sometimes things change so rapidly. I agree with updating images and making them perfect for pinning.

  2. Ally January 26, 2015 at 11:01 am #

    Good advice, Love that pinterest is featured so heavily as I’m a total Pinhead!