Evergreen Content: How to Create Content that will Keep Growing in Value

 how to create evergreen content

There are two basic types of content that every successful blog needs to please a growing readership. On the one hand you’ll need a steady stream of easy to consume, relevant and fairly short content so your readers have something new to look over every time the visit. This information should be concise, to the point and bite-size. The second type on content is ‘evergreen’ content- more in-depth pieces of content which will keep growing in value as they are shared and read again and again.

Evergreen content is the kind of piece you should think through and plan carefully. You want it to be highly relevant to your readers and on a relevant topic. Guides are always a great way to create sharable and valued content. Think about what skills you have, and how your readers might be able to use these. For example, if you’re a beauty blogger and have written dozens of product reviews you might want to consider writing a guide on how to write a great review.

An evergreen piece like this should stand out from the rest of your content- both in length and in how deeply you cover the content. Try and aim for around 1000 words and really make them count. You want to create something that becomes the ‘go-to’ article for the topic you’re covering, so whenever people are looking for a guide on what you’ve covered they’ll come straight to you.

It’s worth putting a little extra promotion into these posts to give them an initial boost. Share them with relevant bloggers, find out if anyone is looking for the information you’re providing and send it to them directly. Hopefully once you’ve got your post out there and have given it some coverage it’ll start getting shared by others and the evergreen process will begin!

If you can it’s a good idea to try and produce this kind of content around once a month, to really start establishing yourself as an authority in your niche. Having pieces like this on your site that will continually be growing in value is not only great for your social profile, but is also good for SEO purposes.

The key to making your evergreen content campaign is remembering that content is king! If the piece you produce isn’t up to par, it won’t get shared. So really focus on the research and development of these features- aim to create something useful, sharable and unique.

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