The Blogger’s Guide to Interviewing

The Blogger’s Guide to Interviewing

The Blogger’s Guide to Interviewing

Conducting interviews with other bloggers or brands is a great way to build relationships and create interesting content for your readers. If done right, interviews can help build your following and readership so it’s vitally important that from beginning to end you follow this guide to ensure you get the most out of the process!

1.       Start a Relationship

When picking who you’d like to interview, the most important consideration to take is how you can build a relationship with this person. If it’s another blogger in your niche with a similar following this could work really well for you! Building alliances with other bloggers and working together is a great way to help each other build following and reputation and an excellent way to begin this relationship is to ask if you can interview them. This is not only a complement to the blogger, but will help you find out more about them and how you can work together.

2.       Use your Interviewee’s Following!

It’s only natural to publicise an interview you are featured in, and hopefully this is exactly what your interviewee will do. Of course it’s not right to think solely about the scale of following when you are looking for people to interview- but if their following is relevant to you this is a great bonus as your blog will be getting relevant coverage to a potential new audience.

3.       Choose your Questions Wisely

Keeping in mind that this interview is partly a relationship building exercise, make sure your questions give a real opportunity for the blogger/brand to talk about themselves. You don’t want them to come out of the interview feeling a little under-promoted and unwilling to work with you again. Always let the blogger open with a few facts about their own site before you delve into other subjects.


However this is not to say you should only focus on asking the blogger questions specific to them. As always you should be thinking about your readership! What would your readership like to know? If you have a strong readership of other bloggers, get some blogging tips from your interviewee! If your readership are mainly foodies, ask for their favourite recipe of all time. Interviews should always be about mutual benefits- both for the person being interviewed, and for you and your readership.


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