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It is so important to keep your blog and your blogging life as organised as you can- it is one of the first steps to making your blog professional, and getting the attention of brands!

  1. Schedule Tweets

There are lots of great apps for this, such as Hootsuite and Twuffer. We know that juggling your growing blog and work or school commitments can be really tricky, so being able to schedule your tweets promoting your new posts will definitely take a weight off your mind! Try and see what times people tend to be on Twitter, lunchtime & in the evening would be good places to start! But- remember not to over promote, no one wants to see the same post pop up over and over again, no matter how much your followers love your blog!

2. Stick to a Blog Timetable

Once you get a strong reader following, you will want to start to treat your blog a bit more as a brand. This means creating a plan, and sticking to it- find set days to post on, that means your readers will know when to expect a new post!

3. Start chatting!

As well as creating a blog timetable, you need to get involved in blog chats, every week. Bloggers have different days where they post, or get together and chat- there is Travel Tuesday, Wedding Wednesday….. #bbloggers tend to chat on Sunday night, and all you #fbloggers are always nattering away! These ‘days’ are very organic and so don’t necessarily stick to a strict schedule, but it’s important to find out when the majority of people are talking, and get involved!

4. Schedule Your Posts!

It’s not just Twitter you can schedule for, WordPress and Blogger all allow you to schedule your posts- perfect for when you are off on holiday, or have some pretty busy few weeks coming up! Scheduling your posts mean you won’t suddenly lose any readers and your metrics won’t take a hit! Remember to schedule your tweets around the posts too.

5. Categorise!

Now, I know that I can get a little obsessive with the aesthetics of blogging- I dream in colour schemes- but this is really important. When we talk about being organised with your blog, it’s not just something that will benefit you. By putting your posts into categories, your readers will find going through your blog so much easier, and you will stand out to brands as someone with lots to talk about, which will definitely be a bonus!

Do you have any more tips on how to get your blog more organised? Give us your tips in the comments below!

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