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As you’ll now know, the Blogger’s Lounge is here to help bloggers! You can ask us anything anytime, and that’s exactly what Jessie, the creator of ‘Freckles‘ did! Here’s what she wanted to know:

How can you differentiate your blog from others under the same umberella, ie high street fashion/ style blogs? 

If we’re talking specifically about fashion/ lifestyle blogs it will of course often come down to your personal style! You will need to have the natural ability needed to put together individual looks that work. However there are things you can do to give your site the extra edge:

-Photographs- Whatever your blog you need to ensure your photos are of the best quality they can be. Even if you don’t have the most amazing camera make sure the photo content is interesting! Rather than taking photos in your room mix it up- do a few location photos! You should also make sure the lighting is good, dark grainy photos will never go down well!

-Tone- People will only read your blog if the like and are interested in you. Make sure your personality comes across in your writing, don’t be afraid to stray from a professional tone into something more personal- if this is suited to your blog.

-The Look- Invest the time in your blog, and make it look great! There are loads of great tutorials out there on how you can make your blog look polished. Things like using picture overlays make all the difference. If your blog looks really aesthetically pleasing people will come back again and again- plus you won’t get lost in the sea of other blogs out there!

 How can you make photographs and images look more professional?

 We actually have the perfect post for this question! Our in-house photography expert Brad Bird gave us his top photography tips for fashion bloggers!

 Do you have any advice on making your blog more successful and well known?

 Wow what a question! Well yes- hopefully you can find plenty throughout the site. But for not I’ll give a brief round up.

-Interact with other bloggers- The blogging world is a community, don’t isolate yourself! Email other bloggers relevant to you, see if they’d like to take a guest post from you so you can get your name out there!

-Use social media properly- Don’t just use your twitter page to plug your posts, use it to interact and give people useful information. This way people will be far more likely to follow you- and keep following!

-Try to work with brands-

Working with brands will really make you look authoritative. You may need at least a small following before you do this, but there’s no harm in emailing around a few of your favourite brands and offering to do reviews etc.

 What do you think are the most important aspects that readers look for in a blog?

 Without a doubt they’ll be looking for something unique. Whether it’s a great style they can be inspired by, a funny writing tone or loads of exclusive content they’ll be looking for something that stands out. Work out what your unique selling point is going to be and hone this continually.

 Do you have any tips for overcoming ‘writer’s block’?

Again we actually have great post on this! Check out our post on content ideas for when you’re suffering from writers block!


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