Running Out of Content Ideas? How to Motivate Yourself




It’s a common plague among bloggers old and new; writers block. Everyone knows a successful blog must be updated on a regular basis, but particularly if you blog independently this can become increasingly difficult. There are various ways to combat this, from staying in the loop with the blogging word to some simple organisation. Here are a few tips to get you started:




  1. 1.       Read Blogs About Blogging!


This may sound a little odd at first, but there is no better way to stay on top of what readers want to hear then to make sure you are 100% in the know. For example, many of you will have heard the fuss around Google and ‘not provided’ recently. Perhaps it would be relevant to write a post aimed at other bloggers in your genre, explaining a little about the change and how it’s due to effect them. Not only this but many blogs in this genre will have a whole host of content ideas to keep you going until you get your mojo back!




  1. 2.       Get Organised


It sounds simple, but there are still so many of you struggling along day to day rather than creating a publishing schedule! Creating a formal schedule of how often you’ll post, on which days and when can really help the content creation process. For example, if you’re a beauty blogger perhaps think of posting one ‘how to’ a week. These posts are short and easy to write if you have the knowhow- you could even write them all in an afternoon and schedule them to go out over the month. This will leave you free to concentrate on larger feature pieces, and will take the pressure off constantly thinking about the next post!




  1. 3.       Popular Post Titles


We’ve already mentioned this once, but ‘how to’ articles really are a winner. There are loads of quick and easy titles people love to see, that should be so easy for you to write up. Try thinking about a few ‘top 5’ articles; for example if you blog about travel ‘The Top 5 cheap eats in New York’ could work. It all depends on your reader base and your experience, but if you have a strong knowledge of a genre, place or theme play up to this and use it to create some great content, quickly.




  1. 4.       Interviews and Featured Bloggers


Failing all the above, if you’re still stuck for ideas rope in a friend! Ask someone relevant to your blog, preferably another blogger to do an interview or post for you. Not only is this a great way to show you’re part of the blogging community, it will give you some space whilst someone else writes the content for you!





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