They Key to Making Money from Your Blog: Don’t Blog for Cash, Blog for Your Readers

key-to-making-money blogging

One of the most common questions we receive at the Bloggers’ Lounge is ‘how can I make a living from my blog’.  Understandably people see the biggest and the best of their niche managing to earn a living by doing what they love, and want to emulate that success; but the real question should be ‘how can I build a loyal readership’. As a blogger, you rely almost completely on your audience but it can be easy to surprisingly easy to forget that.

Discussing readerships in terms of ‘site traffic’ can very quickly turn your loyal readers into a number, and although this is a number that’s useful for brands you should always be aware that these people are the key to you making a living!

You won’t be able to build your following, work with brands or make a penny without them! So if you’re thinking of trying to monetise, sit down and think about what you can do to please your readers.

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