Does Your Blog Need a Media Pack?

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Media packs are becoming increasingly prominent in the blogging world, as more and more bloggers are taking the leap from blogging being a fun hobby to an actual career path. Knowing what you should put in your media pack, and how it should be presented can be tricky, so we have made a list of what to include, and how to present your media pack so you are ready when brands come knocking!

  1. When Should I Think About My Media Pack?

First things first, when should you create a media pack? Well, the simplest answer is when you have something to put in it! When your traffic is steady and you have a regular audience and brands have already expressed interest- that is the time that you need to start thinking about your potential media pack.


  1. What Do I Need To Include?

Everything that makes your blog special and stand out! Your traffic information, social media followings, engagement and comments on articles, amazing photos you’ve taken and information about you and your audience. Who are they, what do they read and what are they interested in? Obviously you also need to include what sort of advertising and brand collaborations you can offer, and your pricing. As a word of advice, always be willing to negotiate, some brands may not have the budget and you don’t want to miss out on an amazing opportunity!


  1. How Should I Present It?

This is quite important, because how you present your media pack is indicative of how you and others see your blog. Importantly, your media pack should reflect your blog design- same colour schemes, fonts and logo (or header if you don’t have a logo). Think of your media pack as a series of large infographics, the less text the better to make it quicker and easier to read.


  1. Lovely Testimonials

When you have been blogging for a while, you are bound to have made a few friends in the field so ask them to provide a testimonial about you and your blog! If you have worked with any brands and PRs in the past, ask them if they can give a quick sentence on how delightful you are, and what a pleasure you are to work with!


  1. How Should People Access My Media Pack?

Your media pack should only really be seen by brands and PRs who you have been in an email conversation with. We wouldn’t recommend having it downloadable on your blog because it will contain information that you want to keep secret, like your numbers and prices. Make sure as well that whoever you send it to, you have been in contact with them for a while and you know and trust them.


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