An Interview with Vintage Chain ‘Beyond Retro’

beyond retro

Beyond Retro is one of the UK’s best loved vintage chains, how can blogger’s with an interest in vintage fashion impress you and get your attention?

Here at Beyond Retro we love anyone with a penchant for vintage and all things unique!  When looking for a Beyond Retro blogger, we are always drawn to someone who embodies our brand and understands our ethos. We are committed to finding lasting solutions in a world of fast throwaway fashion and focus on a combination of not only vintage aesthetics and celebrating the sartorial secrets of bygone eras, but also innovative designs and modern reinterpretations.

How do you work with bloggers generally?

We often work with bloggers in order to compile edits on our blog, think styling and product picks. We also host events and are currently looking to set-up some exciting previews for collections and special lines… so keep your eyes peeled!

What do you look for in a blog fashion-wise? Must a blog have a specific vintage focus to grab your attention or do you also like blogs with a more general fashion focus?

Bloggers who find their niche work best. If you’ve found interesting content, or just do what you do best, it really shows! Also, don’t underestimate the desire to look at pretty pictures!

Is there anything that you might find off-putting when looking at a blog?

We are all encompassing here at Beyond Retro and we say anything goes! That said, we do look for a blogger who takes the brand seriously and sees the versatility of  vintage clothing; we aren’t just for fancy dress!  When looking for our own bloggers we also make sure that they appreciate the sensitivity surrounding the fur we sell. We only stock vintage fur from before the 1970’s and have a ‘No New Fur’ policy.

Any finally- who are your favorite bloggers and why?!

We have worked with ‘Two Shoes One Pair’ on a few edits and they have been great to work with! The girls style our clothes really well, understand brand and embody the Beyond Retro identity.


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