How to Scale Your Content Creation


So you’ve heard it before – in order for your blog to be successful you need lots of good quality, genuine content that people will find interesting and useful. However this can also be the worst part of blogging. Coming up with ideas for posts, then creating, editing and publishing them takes time; lots and lots of time. The best way to keep your posts fresh, as well as allowing you to create a suitable amount of great content without being permanently stuck to your laptop, is to learn how to recycle and scale your content production.

Recycle content

Reusing your content obviously doesn’t mean just reposting old articles. An easier way of consistently getting good stuff onto your blog is by using what you already have to work off or inspire new posts. For example, why not use an old topic to write update posts from, or use a well-performing article as a template for future posts.

Store your ideas

Whenever and wherever a blog post idea comes to you, write it down and store it. This way you’ll have a bank of ideas to work from, which can then be written up as and when you have time to form a repository of good quality articles which can be used at a later date. You never know when inspiration may strike and you wouldn’t want to miss out on any potentially incredible blog post ideas!

Ask your readers

It may sound like cheating, but there’s absolutely no harm in asking your readers for tips on what they’d like to see you write about. If you’re getting good responses from your audience, then don’t be shy, ask them what they want to see on your blog. And remember, adapting your style to your readers isn’t a bad thing – they’re the most important part of your blog after all! You may even stumble across opportunities to collaborate with other bloggers; it just takes a bit of patience and networking.

Create a system

To make writing your posts more efficient, get yourself a system in place.  Once you do, it will be much easier to scale the production of your posts. Your system could be centred around how you brainstorm for article ideas, how you schedule or organise your posts to be published, or how you use techniques to recycle your old content.

If you’re really good, you’ll eventually have a system in place for the whole process! Creating and publishing your posts in a systematic way will increase your chances of frequently distributing good quality content, and won’t ever leave you in the lurch with nothing to post about.

Let us know your tips! How do you make sure you always have something to publish on your blog?


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