Image Tips For Your Blog

Blog Image Tips!

The world of blogging is moving rapidly to a much more image based medium. If your posts are much more text focused, with few and far between images (or badly taken images) then the likelihood is that your readers aren’t as engaged as they could be, and don’t feel as inspired about your posts as you did when you wrote them! Images are much easier and more likely to be shared than text- therefore your blog will do much better in SEO and social media terms- which is one of the main things brands look for.

Here are three reasons why images are so important to your blog, and what you can do to improve!

1. Pinterest.

Bloggers Lounge Pinterest

You may or may not have known, but here at The Bloggers Lounge, we are obsessed with Pinterest, and have recently been seriously upping our game on the image front to get more interaction and followers on our boards. It is really easy to do, you just need to make sure the images on your posts can be pinned straight from your blog- install the Pinterest widget on your blog, and make sure your image is named something like ‘amazing_macaroons.jpg’- people are much more likely to repin something with an understandable name. We have also found that our ‘help’ images that get pinned the most are long and thin.


2. Make your photos beautiful.

People won’t want to share your images if they don’t love them or feel amazed or inspired by them. It’s completely understandable if you can’t invest in a brand spanking new DSLR, but there are plenty of free and cheap tools you can use to edit your photos. Pic Monkey is great for creating collages, or if you are a Mac lover then download Pixelmator- Apple’s cheaper and slightly easier to use version of Photoshop. You can read more about great photo editing tools here.

3. Be creative!

Thanks to the internet becoming much more visual now, there are so many different ways to market and share images. The most obvious two are GIFs and Memes- and you can definitely get in on the game too. There are plenty of websites all over the internet where you can get famous GIFs and Memes, but you can make your own GIFs and Memes as well, there are plenty of sites that help you with this- and there is definitely a way to make GIFs on Photoshop…but I can’t quite remember of the top of my head!


So I hope that this has been helpful, and helped you to see why images and photos can make or break your blog! The most important things to remember though are, make them fun and bright- show off the brands and products in the best possible way (make sure your images are always in focus, you won’t believe how many unfocused images I come across every day!) and formatted correctly, our images here have to be 623 pixels wide so it fits perfectly into our posts- it really makes all the difference! What image tricks and tips can you think of? Let us know in the comments below!


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