How to Become a Brand Ambassador

How to Become a Brand Ambassador

One of the best ways to build a lasting relationship with a brand is to become an ambassador for that brand. There are lots of brands out there who are constantly looking for influencers who fit with their ethos perfectly and will have a readership perfectly aligned with their customer base. If you have a brand in mind that you would love to represent within the blogging industry, then read on for a quick guide on how you can work towards this goal:

Work Out What You’re Best At

There is more to being a brand ambassador than just aligning with the brand; you need to know what makes you stand out. Are you great at getting people to engage with you on Twitter? Do you have a particularly relevant readership to the brand in question? Is the design of your blog unique and professional? Take a good look over your stats, your social media and your blog. Pick out the things that you know make you stand out, and build on them. These are your unique selling points, and will help you snag that opportunity with the brand of your dreams!

Don’t Compromise too Much

Of course you’ll want the brand in question to love your blog, but always remember the site is yours and no one can dictate what you write. All this means, is that although it’s fine to take direction and work with brand representatives to create some great content, if you’re uncomfortable with something you must hold your ground. It’s important to be flexible, and you’ll need to be as a blogger- but always make sure you’re comfortable with the content you’re providing to your readers.

Work Hard on Your Relationship Building Skills

Perhaps the most important skill you need to become a successful brand ambassador. You need to be able to establish new relationships with brand reps, as well as maintaining old ones. A great brand ambassador is at the forefront of new brand campaigns, lines and releases so you need to make the effort to be in the know.

Record Everything You do, So You’re Able to Demonstrate Your Value

Stats are really important; you want to be able to truly demonstrate your influence to your reps at the brand and this has to go beyond simply creating a post that looks nice and tweeting about it. Use Google Analytics to record traffic, and social media analytics to record all activity on social media. Most major channels now have their own analytics or insights that you can use.

Top Tip: Ask the brand what they’d like you to measure before you produce your coverage. That way you can manage any unrealistic expectations, and set up anything you’ll need to record your activity in advance.

Put Yourself Out There!

I’ve said it plenty of times before; you don’t have to wait for these opportunities to come to you. You can go to brands! Of course you need to be realistic, I’m not staying you can set up a blog and 3 months later contact all the top high street brands for a collaboration, but if you’ve been working hard on your site for a suitable amount of time and are confident about your abilities then start getting in touch with PR’s! If you’re thinking of doing just that we have a full guide on working with PR’s and writing emails that brands will respond to.

Have any tips, questions or personal advice to add?! Start a conversation in the comments below!

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