10 Key Metrics you Need to Measure Your Influence

10 Key Metrics you Need to Measure Your Influence

In order to be able to grow you blog you need to be able to record and understand the statistics behind your work. This is important for 2 key reasons; firstly you’ll be able to keep track of your progress, and second you’ll be able to put together detailed and compelling case studies to brands you’d like to impress. Here is a list of the key stats for blog traffic and social media you need to start thinking about:


Tool: Google Analytics

Monthly Unique Users: This is the number of people who visit your site on a monthly basis.

Monthly Page Views: The number of page views your site has; so for example one person could look at 5 pages of your site. Whilst this person only counts as 1 unique user, they can rack up multiple page views.

Social Media


Tool: Twitter Analytics (Rolling out to all Twitter Users)

  • Following- Keep track of how your following grows month on month so you can show potential clients how your blog is blossoming!
  • Engagement- It’s not just about how many followers you have, it’s important to understand how engaged they are. There is absolutely no point in having a massive following if not one of them is paying attention to your tweets. If you have twitter analytics, you can see exactly how many engagements each individual tweet gets, which is a great metric to show a brand.
  • Impressions- The amount of people that see your tweets as well as engage with them.
  • Click Through Rate- This will be a crucial one for some brands; how good are you at actually getting people to click through to your site from social?


Tool: Facebook Insights (Active on All Facebook Pages- not Profiles)

  • Page Likes – Keep track of how your page likes grow, and try to maintain a steady
  • Post Engagement- As with Twitter it’s important to work out how many people are engaging. This means keeping an eye on how many people share, like and comment on your posts.
  • Post Reach- If you have a Facebook page you should be able to see this number automatically under every Facebook post.
  • Page Visits- You can find this in your Facebook Insights

The importance of a certain metric depends totally on the circumstance, so although these 10 are certainly important there are lots of other things to take into account when measuring your influence for a specific campaign! More on that soon…….

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