An Interview with Gabriella Manchester


  1. Firstly, can you tell us a little about yourself and your blog?

I started Gabriella Manchester a year ago. I’d just graduated with a degree in International Consumer Marketing and got a job at the Digital Marketing agency I’d been interning at for the past year. After a couple of years of working hard 7 days a week and being pretty skint, my life was suddenly a lot more fun.I’m always being asked by friends and family where’s good to eat and drink and what’s fun to do in Manchester, so I decided that as I was feeling particularly inspired and excited by life, I’d start an online diary.

It’s evolved a fair bit since then, and I now blog about restaurants travel, fashion, homewear – whatever I’m feeling inspired by. I love connecting with readers on twitter and Instagram and get VERY excitable when people tell me they loved my recommendation or tried my recipes.

  1. A lot of the blogging industry seems to centre around London. What’s your experience been like with the blogging world in Manchester?

I think Manchester has a fantastic blogging community and everyone is willing to help each other out. I suppose you could say it’s a little less competitive in Manchester than in London but the North West blogging community is rapidly growing. Of course there are many more events and brands in London looking to work with bloggers but because of that, those based outside of the capital can feel less commercialised and a bit more authentic in my opinion. Having said that, some of my favourite bloggers and vloggers are now London based.

  1. Who takes the photographs on your blog? Are there any photography tips you’d like to share?

I take most of my pictures; otherwise it’s my boyfriend, friends or family. I knew absolutely nothing about photography when I started my blog, so my first tip would be to not let that stop you from starting. After a few months, I decided to invest in a good compact DSLR. I’ve got a lot to learn, but thankfully there are endless blog posts and YouTube videos about blogging photography.

All you really need to begin with isa decent camera or phone camera, plenty of natural light and a good eye for detail. When getting someone to take a full body shot of you, ask them to bendtheir knees (it elongates the body), and the first hour after sunrise, and the last hour before sunset (otherwise known as Golden Hour) are the most flattering.

  1. Is there any advice you would give to other bloggers who are starting out in the blogging world, or wanting to up their game?

My favourite quote is “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” If you are umming and ahhing about starting a blog, worried about it being rubbish, just begin. Decide what you want to talk about, take inspiration from the best bloggers in that niche, make lots of notes when inspiration strikes and blog!

If you’re still trying to find the right tone of voice, save your next ten posts as drafts and keep editing them until you feel happy enough to publish. You might cringe when you look atold posts, but that doesn’t matter. The point is, you’re putting your creative energy and free time into a hobby you enjoy.

Anyone who starts a blog hoping for lots of freebies and mega paydays will be sorely disappointed. I tell everyone to give it a go though because we all have very different lives and perspectives. What you find to be normal and mundane might really inspire someone else. There is enough room on the Internet for everyone to have a little space to be creative.

  1. And finally, are there any other bloggers that you’ve got your eye on at the moment?

I really admire Lizzy’s awesome sense of style fromShot From The Street,I feel like I’ve known Tania from Joy Felicity Jane my whole life even though I’ve never met her, and A Little Opulent is my little daily source of inspiration- I particularly love the co-founder (and Manchester based) Jen’s blog for blogging advice, and Jen Rich from Sweet Little Dish for her drool worthy food photography. Also for fashion inspiration I adore the ASOS stylist and blogger gals (also Mancunians), Pages by Megan and Ropes of Holland.

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