Think Your Blog Title Isn’t Important? This May Change Your Mind…


The title; so often ignored yet so very important.

Have you ever got to the end of your blog, realised you haven’t titled it and think any old thing will do? Well never again. Experts say you have just 5 seconds to capture a reader before they float of into the content rich world of the internet whilst leaving your great blog behind in a pile of dust.

So, how do you make the most of those five seconds? Let me tell you. Tick Tock…

Let us start by unravelling this, if I may say so myself, perfectly ingenious title. The working title to this piece would be something like ‘How to write a blog title’. Let’s do a quick test – if I kept that title, would you now be reading it? I am guessing there is a chance you wouldn’t be – especially if you are first timer to the Bloggers Lounge (hello!).

So, why are you with us now?

Step 1

Begin with your working title. This is the most boring title you can think of for your blog.

‘How to write a blog title’

‘How to raise healthy kids’

‘What to wear this summer’

You get the picture. This gives you the basis to grow from. It’s time to start adding…

Step 2

Be bold. I put the word ‘banging’ in this title – is that allowed!? I bloody well think so! Let’s have a look…

‘How to write a banging blog title’

‘How to raise healthy kids that will kick ass at school’

‘What to wear this summer to smash through the crowd’

More engaging yes? It’s not rocket science but you will be surprised how many people neglect the sexy language that will help their blog stand out.

Step 3

Provoke emotion and get your audience to think. If you are getting your audience to consider your title you have won – they will be curious to find out more. I did it in this title by proposing a question but there are other ways of achieving this.

‘3 simple rules to raise healthy kids that will kick ass at school and won’t get left behind!’

‘Looking to stand out? ‘What to wear this summer to smash through the crowd’

So, you see how these titles have developed from the original working title? On each example we have got the reader to really think. If you already have them thinking before they have even read your post you’ve got them, they will open your blog.

My rule of thumb is before you press submit, ask yourself if you would click on that link based solely on the title…

Would be great if you could comment below and tell us if you opened this post based on the title? Despite my earlier confident claim, we would love some feedback!



2 Responses to Think Your Blog Title Isn’t Important? This May Change Your Mind…

  1. Natalia May 16, 2015 at 3:11 pm #

    I just wanted to say that I was a bit confused when you said “blog title” and started talking about what something different. I then realized that you were talking about “post titles”. It might get other people confused though.

  2. Chris Scott May 18, 2015 at 8:07 am #

    Hi Natalia – thanks for the feedback! The same rules apply for both blog and post titles – hope that clears up any confusion!