How to Build a Case Study to Pitch to Brands


Once you start working with brands, you should use the success of each campaign you do as a case study to present in future to brands you’d like to work with. Creating a case study of your most successful brand collaborations will not only place you as an experienced brand/blogger collaborator, but will also immediately give brands a clear idea of exactly what you have to offer.

Here are a few tips and tricks to use whilst creating your case study pack:

What is a case study?

A case study is a pack of information you can send to brands as and when they inquire about your services- or that you can use to outreach and pitch actively yourself.

To create this, you’ll need to keep track of all activity throughout your latest brand collaborations and then use this information to attract future collaborators. Take screen shots of the posts you create, as well as any comments you get! Brands love to see this kind of interaction, so make that a priority.

Include all aspects of the campaign

Brands will often come to you with a specific idea of how they want to work with you, however you don’t have to limit your response to what they’ve asked for. For example, you may have a particularly strong social following, and whilst brand might just be asking for a review if you send over a case study which demonstrates how much interaction you can leverage on social media they may well be inclined to ask for further coverage!

As part of your case study include screen shots of tweets or status you’ve posted to demonstrate how many likes, replies retweets or whatever else you’re able to display!

Include short and informative stats, accompanied by relevant imagery

Whoever you’re sending this to might not want to read a huge block of text, so keep the points you include highly relevant and to the point. For example “My last review post received 12 comments from a highly relevant audience”. Accompany this with a few small screen shots of the referenced comments.

The ultimate aim when creating a case study is to display your talents in a clear and aesthetically pleasing way! Make sure the information you include is concise, and shows off what you and your blog can achieve!

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