38 Blog Post Ideas!

38 Blog Post Ideas

When you’re rushed for time and lacking inspiration it can be easy to forget just how much scope you have as a blogger. You’re the editor, producer, writer and CEO- the content that goes live is totally controlled by you, which is one of the very best things about blogging independently.

There are dozens of types of content out there and the more types of content that you can master, the better!  Why not take a look at this list, and pick a new type of blog post to work on in the next month? There are 38 of them to choose from……

  1. Interviews

    Interviewing relevant people in your industry is not only a great way to create new and relevant content, you can also pull in new readers who may be interested in reading about your interviewee’s!

  2. Diary Entry Type Post 

    This works especially well if you know your readers are interested in the person behind the blog.

  3. Timeline Post

    This could be anything; a timeline of your career, your blog, your relationship, your travels- whatever fits with your content!

  4. Advice Article

    There will no doubt be a topic that you’ll be able to give advice on, work out what you’re passionate about and how you can convey your expertise to your readers.

  5. Ask Me Anything Post 

    This is a really fun way to create a piece of content your readers can interact with.

  6. A Recipe Post 

    Fairly self-explanatory, but again tailor this to your blog. You could create easy dinner recipes for families, recipes based on your travels, or even healthy living recipes.

  7. A Photo Diary 

    A visual post, using your photographs to tell a story.

  8. Personal Experience Posts

    Again, if your readers are interested in you as the blogger then if you feel comfortable why not tell them a personal tale?

  1. Step-by-Step Guides

    This work really well when you can accompany them with diagrams or even a video, but if not make sure your instructions are as clear and simple as possible.

  2. Tutorials 

    If you’re going to put together a tutorial, make sure you cover a topic that you are 100% confident with.

  3. Gif Posts (Buzzfeed Style) 

    The internet loves a good gif post; you can see an example here.

  4. News/Current Events Update 

    Always keep an eye on important events and news within your industry, not least because updates can make great quick blog posts. You have to be ahead of the game though, so it may be worth setting up Google Alerts.

  5. An Evergreen Post Covering Your Topic in Great Depth 

    Here’s a quick overview of Evergreen content.

  6. 10 Facts About Me 

    Make the facts light, fun and interesting!

  7. Guest Posts

    Not only are guest posts great for taking a little time off yourself, they are a great way to build relationships with other bloggers in your niche as well as finding new audiences.

  8. Product Reviews 

    Make sure your reviews are honest and relevant to your blog. If you blog is about beauty, don’t start reviewing lawnmowers!

  9. City Guides 

    Perhaps the city you live in to make it personal.

  10. Infographics 

    Infographics can be great when they are done well, especially as a quick way to convey facts and figures.

  11. Competition Posts 

    These always get readers excited if they are relevant enough!

  12. Top Tips 

    Keep your tips relatively brief, and totally relevant to your readership.

  13. A Follow-Up on an Old Post 

    Especially if you’ve been blogging for a long time, you’re bound to see changes happen. Look through your old posts, and if you have any updates to share then follow up!

  14. A Best Bits Post 

    Again, tailor this to your site. You could cover holidays, your blogging career, family, your year as a whole- whatever suits the content idea best.

  15. A Giveaway Post 

    Work with a relevant brand to giveaway a prize which will excite your readership.

  16. Frequently Asked Questions Post 

    This may only apply to bloggers who have at least 6 months experience behind them, but if you find your readers often asking the same questions then you can make a great piece of content out of answering those questions!

  17. A Guide to Your Industry 

    Either your work industry, or your blogging niche.

  18. A Behind the Scenes Post 

    Show your audience what goes on behind the blog!

  19. A Recommended Reads Post 

    These don’t just have to be fellow bloggers, but can also be useful reads from around the internet.

  20. A Checklist 

    A holiday checklist, a blog checklist, a job interview checklist- whatever is relevant!

  21. A Series 

    Starting a series is a great way to plan lots of content ahead of time, helping you manage your time better!

  22. Monthly Round Ups 

    Again, including a round up of your month is a good way to schedule in a piece of content each month without too much planning and prep.

  23. A Post Covering Mistakes You’ve Made, and How Others Can Avoid Them 

    This could relate to any part of your life; work, personal, or even blogging.

  24. A Post About Your Favourite Bloggers 

    Be generous, and share your favourites from around the web.

  25. A Blog Report: Insights Into the Stats etc Behind the Site 

    Only if you feel comfortable with sharing this information!

  26. Blog Swap with a Fellow Blogger 

    Takes a lot of planning, but can be a lot of fun.

  27. A Guide to Your Favourite Resources 

    Many readers will be fellow bloggers, so help them out by creating a guide on what you use to help you grow your blog.

  28. Before the Blog: Life Before You Began Blogging 

    As with some other ideas, this only works if you have quite a bit of blogging time behind you.

  29. A Vlog Entry 

    Why not try branching out if you think your audience would benefit?!

  30. Post About Your Goals for the Next Year

    Goals can inspire both you and your readers.

We’d love to hear your ideas! Let us know what you’ll be planning for your blog in the comments below!

2 Responses to 38 Blog Post Ideas!

  1. Sophie February 23, 2015 at 10:47 am #

    Such great ideas, thank you! Thought I’d let you know that I have featured this post in my new blog post ’15 Posts To Put A Stop To Writer’s Block’ (http://dreamsandcolourschemes.blogspot.co.uk/2015/02/15-posts-to-put-stop-to-writers-block.html) x

    Sophie | http://dreamsandcolourschemes.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Lamesha April 4, 2015 at 9:40 am #

    So many great ideas. Totally want to start doing giveaways in the next few months.