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5 Goals to Set for Your Blog

If your aim is to become professional blogger (or even if you already blog full time) it’s always useful to set yourself new goals every few months. Having something to work towards, even if it’s just a personal goal is incredibly important. Here are a few ideas to get you started! 1.       Set up and […]

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Gone is the age when Facebook was just for friends and family – it’s now a hive of activity for businesses and brands, and that includes your own personal brand. If you’re an avid blogger with years under your belt, or even just trying to get your foot in the first door of many, increasing […]

8 Blog Post Ideas!

Do you have writers block?! Fear not, here are 8 general blog post ideas for you to personalise and use on your blog: “Where I Blog” Write a post on where you do most of your blogging and why, try and include a few pictures of the area you blog in and the equipment you […]

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How to Get the Best Out of Every Blog Post

Draft before you write Now we totally understand everyone has a different style of writing, some of you probably only have time to write as you go and can’t write drafts to work from. However, if you can then do! Equally if you’re working on a particularly important piece which you plan to promote heavily […]

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Tailoring Your Tone to Your Readership

“Know your audience.” – This is one of the most memorable pieces of advice that I’ve been given in regards to blogging, and even writing in general. The good thing about blogging is that by interacting with your followers you can really get to know who’s reading your content. If you get to know such […]

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PR Tips for Bloggers

The great thing about being a blogger is that you are totally self-sufficient. You become your own writer, PR, business director and social media manager all in one. This is of course incredible experience, and if you stick at it the rewards are unparalleled. However it can be hard to master each and every one […]

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