How to Create a Great Media Kit!

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A media kit is a pack of information about yourself, your blog and what you can offer to partners. If you are at the stage where working with brands is becoming a real goal for you, it’s time to put together a media pack. Here’s a full guide to help you along the way!

What’s the Point of a Media kit?!

A media kit has 3 main purposes-

  1. To show off a load of positive stats about your blog in an interesting way.
  2. To display a little of your personality to potential partners.
  3. To make you stand out to brands as a unique and professional blogger!

The end goal should be an informative document which while containing all the stats and information a brand will need, also makes you stand out. Numbers alone will get you nowhere; there must be a personality behind them. This shouldn’t be hard- your blog is all about you so just use what you put into your everyday posts and pour this into your media kit.

Where do I Start?

With the basics; I’m talking about the cold hard numbers! Make sure you’ve gathered all the following statistics before you get started, as they may well inform part of your copy. The following information will be key:

Average unique monthly visitors

Average overall readership

Social media following (Individual social profiles and total social following)

Who your readers are- This info can be gained through Google Analytics. Information on age, location and gender can be useful- all average of course!

Who your followers are- Social Bro is a good one for this, similar information as above.

Subscribers; this applies if you have a newsletter or similar.

Any accolades you’ve received- Prizes, awards or anything of the like.

Next, get together your personal information and the basic blog resources you’ll need. These should be:

A screen shot of your homepage

A photo of yourself (Not 100% essential but a putting a face to some numbers will help bring them to life!)

Your blog logo

Lots of great images from all over your site

Any case studies you have.

I have the Basics, Now What?

It’s time to sell yourself, starting with writing a brief but informative intro. The stats will do a lot of the practical talking, so allow your tone to be a little more personal in this section. Tell people how long you’ve been going, why you started and what you’re passionate about.

Make it Clear What you’re Looking for…

I fully believe that a brand/blogger relationship should be built collaboratively and neither party should 100% dictate the terms. However, letting brands know what type of collaboration you most enjoy, and what suits your blog best is essential.

Mention where your Boundaries Lie!

Is there a certain route you will just not consider going down? Save everyone some time and put your guidelines into your media pack. This way, only relevant opportunities will come back to you.

Include some Examples

The scene is set, the stats are available and you’ve provided outlines on how you’re willing to work. If you have examples of successful past collaborations with brands then now is the perfect time to slip them in. If you’re creating this media pack as you’ve never had a brand collaboration before than not to worry, this isn’t an essential part of the document.

Having said that if you are lucky enough to have worked with some great brands successfully before, this is certainly something you should highlight. If you have any past screen shots of social interaction, comments or posts it could be worth saving these and showing to brands on request.


If you don’t have them already, there is no shame in asking around! Of course it’s best you have endorsements from brands, so if you have worked with a PR or brand rep before then absolutely get in touch and ask for 1 or 2 sentences on how outstandingly professional and brilliant you are to work with.

The Final Piece of the Puzzle: Round Up and Conclude

End on a light tone, and be sure to leave your contact details- something like “It would be a pleasure to work with you, please contact me on   to discuss a collaboration”.

Proofread Each Section and Put it Together!

Proofread the whole thing more than once, and if you can get a family member or friend to do the same. Head the whole thing up with your personal photo, logo and intro. Next lead into the all important stats- if you have a case study, pop it in straight after this!

Follow this up with your working guidelines and ideas on how to work together. Round up with any endorsements you’ve managed to get together-and finally add your well chosen high quality throughout the whole thing!

Sanity Checks:

It’s not over yet. If you’re anything like me there will more than likely be a couple of mistakes or mishaps- run through these sanity checks before you hit send!

Will the tone put some people off?

Are you going to be emailing a wide range of different companies with differing tones and priorities? To save yourself editing your media pack every time, make sure that although you provide a personal touch your tone doesn’t alienate any potential partner companies.

Have I proof read?

Might as well proof read again…just once more!

Are the pictures good enough quality?

There is nothing that’s going to make your media pack crash and burn quicker than grainy and out of focus photos. Make sure they’re sized right, and look the best they can!

Are any of your stats just not good enough?

If so take them out! Only leave in favourable information, so if you’re doing amazingly well on Facebook but your Pinterest following leaves a little to be desired then you might want to discreetly leave that stat out altogether!

And Finally…

Make it all into a pretty PDF and write a great outreach email to send out with it!

Do you have any tips for making a media pack? Or any questions? Feel free to comment!

3 Responses to How to Create a Great Media Kit!

  1. Victoria April 29, 2014 at 9:37 am #

    Thanks for writing this post – it’s really very thorough. I’ve been thinking about putting a media pack together, but not ever having seen one in real life, I wasn’t sure what to put in it. It’s hard to get the balance between getting enough information that the PR/company needs vs too much so they don’t bother reading it all. And then making it look nice too.

    It’s something on my To Do List, so I’ve bookmarked your post and will be back when I eventually get round to pulling it together.


    Victoria,, xx

    • Rebecca Brown April 29, 2014 at 9:46 am #


      Thanks! Really glad you found it useful. You’re right, creating a media pack is a bit of a balancing act. Let me know how you get on- I’d love to see it!

  2. Seereena May 7, 2014 at 2:03 am #

    this is really helpful ! thanks for sharing