Should Your Blog Have a ‘House Style’?


The simple answer is ‘yes’! When it comes to finding blogging success you need to think about the branding of your blog. Blogging is all about identity, so you need to figure out what that means for you, and turn it into a visual house style.

Branding doesn’t just refer to the look and finish of your site. It includes your tone, style of writing and identity as a blogger. For example, if you blog about organic and eco friendly make up everything you do should fit in with this ethos. If you start working with brands that don’t fit too well with your chosen ideals it will water down and devalue your brand identity!

If you haven’t already it’s working sitting down and working out what exactly your blog stands for. For example, if you’re a travel blogger what’s your unique selling point that makes you stand apart from your niche? It could be a unique tone of voice you use, a focus on luxury travel only…anything that gives you a slight edge on which to build a brand!

Once you’ve thought about your aims you can begin to build your own personal house style around this, refining everything from the font you use to the colour themes you work with- even your style of photography! Getting a logo is also a pretty important step into professional blogging and finalising your house style. You can use your logo throughout your social media channels and email signature too.

We’ll have some more in depth posts on how you can achieve your very own ‘house style’, but in the meantime email with any questions, or tweet

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