The Bloggers’ Lounge ‘Why I started Blogging Series’. The final 6 entries!



Prosesso and Pie-

My lifestyle blog ‘Prosecco and Pie’ was born from two things: my passion for writing and a love of where I live. I really wanted to support the local businesses and places where I spend most of my time (and money!) There are so many hidden gems to support and explore, regardless of how much money you have to spend, hence the name, Prosecco and Pie.

Lucy Willis

Dinosaur Dances-

I challenge you to watch a Pixiwoo video and not get hooked into the beauty community! And that’s where it all started with me. Then after around 3 years of reading blogs I thought why not give it a stab myself? So 9 months later, here I am!


Fill My Little World-

Discounting my embarrassing, angsty teenage blogging, I began blogging again when I found myself bedbound for a long time and realised that I had a platform to vent my frustration in a positive way. So my blog became a treasure chest of little, simple things that brightened up my life.


The P-Ho Diaries-

I absolutely love writing and that’s what really spurned me on to start my own blog. I love fashion and like to share my tips and news, plus all my goings on in London. It’s sort of like a more personal and unique Facebook that I can always refer back to and I hope people enjoy.


Thou Shalt Not Covet-

I started blogging as makeup is a bit of an obsession of mine – using it, reading about it, you name it! I’ve been reading fashion and beauty blogs for a while and I thought it would be a great way to share my thoughts and findings, and also connect with other like-minded people!


True Beauty-

I only started my blog 5 weeks ago but wanted to share my love of Beauty & Fashion to people, I’m always getting asked how to do different sorts of Makeup or where did I get an item of clothing so thought it was the perfect time.
The opportunities are endless & am so pleased with how things are already going.

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