An Interview with Jill Gourlay of ‘I Wear My Wages’!


Tell us about your blog and yourself…..

Well my blog does have two names, in terms of naming it after my mum as we work together and she really appreciated that I done that. But ‘I wear my wages’ really inspires me to think of my future. I am studying Marketing in university and hope after getting my degree and needed experience in the field to open my own PR company named I wear my wages, representing strong independent woman in business. I am so keen on this as I have recently been awarded on the list of 5,000 innovative business woman, for only 18 I have started my own mini empire, I have my own style profile on the amazing Fabonette, I think im 1 of 6 in the world so its a great pleasure to show others my style for their on inspiration.

I am now known as the girl with blue hair, a mermaid in disguise i used to be very shy and scared to show my style and my personality through hair and make up but as i have grown up i have realised im not trying to please anyone other than myself and I only really care what i think about myself and not what others say. I am a very creative person and was born around art and studied it for 4 years to the best of my ability and received many awards for it and my work is currently displayed in my local town centre and recently been in local newspapers its a great achievement for me, however I decided not to study it as its more of a hobby than something that will create a future for me so I like to include my artistic flare in my outfits.

What made you want to start blogging, and were there any particular bloggers that you were really inspired by before you started?

I started my blog in October 2011, over the years I’ve had many compliments regarding the way I style outfits and how I’ve not had one bad outfit yet. So I thought why not share these looks with other people, giving advice and showing them my daily looks and how I like to wear my clothes.  I am so glad I started my blog when I did as I have done great for myself and loved every minute of working with many companies and being part of their growth. The thing I love most about my blog is how comfortable I am to speak on it, in a conversation like manner ive found people find it interesting too.

How do you find it blogging as mother and daughter?! Do you think it’s easier blogging alongside family?

I didn’t really start doing it because it would be easier, I was first just myself, but named my blog after my mum as we are like sisters, sometimes share the same opinions and sometimes don’t so I decided to join our views on things together, ive yet to showcase photographs of us both as she keeps giving me ” I will be skinny for summer then you can photograph me “chat… the day will come.

What is it that you’ve found hardest about blogging?

Well when I started in 2011 there were less bloggers round the world, that I was aware of anywhere. In the past 2 years I feel like everyone’s just decided oh il start a blog, so I feel mine has lost its touch in regards of if you tell someone you have a blog they aren’t as impressed as its just the normal thing. Also I think most bloggers compare themselves to other bloggers, but I think you have to focus on you and do you and not try be like others, be yourself as everyone else is taken.’

And finally, who are your all time favourite bloggers?

Oh I see so many talented bloggers too many to name, but I think its great to be part of a community that are all trying to make it, and having to separate yourself from the competition.

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