Give Yourself a Break: How to Disengage from Blogging


Blogging takes hard work and plenty of dedication. Any of the top bloggers out there will tell you, getting your blog to a professional level is not easy. There is no other way to make it than with lots of hard work! However, you don’t want to reach a point where you let your blog take over- you do need to learn to let go too. If you do make it to full time professional blogging, not having a working structure will stop you enjoying all the freedom’s that full time blogging can bring.

Are you making sure you disengage and giving yourself a proper break?! If not, make sure you start following these simple guidelines.

Treat it Like a Job

This might sound like an odd one- but bear with me! The great thing about a 9 to 5, is that as soon as your work is done you can leave the office and switch off (well that’s the idea!). Blogging can sometimes feel like that terrible guilt you get during exams- even when you’ve worked for hours you still never feel like you’ve done enough! We’ll have more on blogger guilt soon, but for now just try to see the time you’re blogging as ‘on’ time- and once you’re done switch off!

Consider Separate Social Media Accounts

Switching off doesn’t just mean not blogging- it means switching off from everything related to your blog! You could consider separate social media accounts. Plenty of you already do this, but for those of you who don’t it’s certainly something to think about. Logging on to chat to friends and being bombarded with conversations relevant to your blog is certainly not going to help you disengage. Just as you need to switch off from your blog you need to switch off from everything related to it- including social media!

Put Aside Dedicated Blogging Hours- But be Flexible

Following on from the theme of treating this like a job, dedicated hours are a great way to segment blogging and non-blogging time. This way you won’t always be thinking about when to find time to blog as you’ll have set times each week dedicated to working on the blog- and the rest of the time is yours! However, don’t be too regimented. Remember this is your blog and you’re doing it for your enjoyment- you’re allowed to skive and make other plans every now and again! Be flexible!

Have a Blogging Space

Having a space dedicated to working on your blog can be a big help. Whether it’s a desk, an armchair or even a whole study having a place for work lets the rest of your home remain a place for relaxing. You might even want to pick a favourite cafe to work in! It’s easy to get into the habit of blogging anywhere and everywhere- we’ve all been there at midnight blogging away in bed! Keeping a space for blogging will help you wind down once you’re finished working!

How do you disengage from blogging? Let us know in the comments below!


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