Blog New Year’s Resolutions for 2014!


It’s almost 2014, and many of you will have thought up your New Year’s resolutions already- but have you included your blog in these? There’s nothing better to keep you aiming high with your blog than a set of firm goals to reach for. Here are a few we think could really help out:

Keep commenting!

The blogging world has been rife lately with talk that comments are becoming less and less common- this is true. Conversations have moved away more and more from the blogs to social media feeds. Although this isn’t necessarily a bad thing it’s important to remember how vital comments are to the blogging world. When you start out as a blogger you are totally unknown, comments you receive on your posts are your only validation. Unlike a brand which will have a hugely authoritative name behind it, an independent blogger needs support and praise from other bloggers. It is hugely important to make sure we all make an effort to keep commenting part of the blogging tradition!

Pick one aspect of your blogging style you’re not 100% happy with and fix it.

No blogger has it all, we all lack somewhere! Whether it’s interacting with other bloggers, taking more care over our photography or attending more blogger events we could all be doing more. Pick out that one aspect of your blogging career you haven’t yet excelled at and make it your priority.

Create a new feature.

It’s a new year- time to create some fresh content. Think about starting a new feature you haven’t yet focused on. This could be anything from a photo essay, a review or a ‘top 5’ feature. There’s nothing more important that keeping your readers engaged, and fresh content is an excellent way to do this.

Help out other bloggers more

Blogging is a community- it only works if everyone helps each other out! Take some time each week not only for your own blog but for other peoples. Leave comments, retweet even create a post on a few of your favourite bloggers!

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