Top Photography Tips for Your Blog

Nowadays, blogs have become more and more reliant on amazing photography to accompany posts- you want to make all your articles as visually pleasing as possible. You of course still need to have great written content, but it’s just as important to accompany your content with beautiful photographs.

This isn’t important just for blogs focusing on fashion, food, beauties and interiors. Every type of blog can be improved simply using great photography, and it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, and take up lots of time either. Just follow these simple steps to achieve the perfect photographs!

  1. Always try to find someone to take your photos for you. Selfies are all well and good, but their home is on Instagram, and they are very happy there- don’t bring them onto your lovely blog! The best thing you can do is get a friend to take the photos for you. They don’t have to be a photography expert, but just remember the basics- always shoot at the same level as their subject, stay in focus (nothing is more off putting than an out of focus photo!) and most importantly- be creative and have fun! You can read some great tips here.
  2. Location, location, location! You don’t need to live in a major city to get great backgrounds in your photos….. The most important thing to remember when shooting on location is to get your background to compliment your image- photos in your garden with the washing line in the background will not do! If you are showing off a cute girly outfit, then why not juxtapose the outfit to a hard, concrete background; if you are a blogger who reviews books, maybe accompany your posts with photo shoots which are based on the book!
  3. Please remember, if you’ve taken your photos on your phone, then it will look like you have, and probably won’t be creating the professional, beautiful image you are after. You don’t necessarily need to spend hundreds of pounds on a fancy DLR, but you could always justify a beautiful camera as an investment…… If your blog’s style is fully of bright, summery colours, then your photos should match. If your blog is very simple and monochrome, then you should have photography that compliments that theme.


So those are some of our best tips to make your blog’s photography stand out, and give you a very professional finish, and keep you on the road to blogger success, let us know your tip below!


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