An Interview with Charlotte, Editor of ‘Being Charlotte’!

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1. To start, tell us a little about yourself and your blog!

Hello *waves* I’m Charlotte and I’ve recently started blogging at I’m taking what I like to think of as a belated gap year and travelling as much as possible with my boyfriend, Marcus. I started Being Charlotte as an online journal for our adventures so friends and family back home can keep up with us and hopefully I’ll be able to share some useful tips for other travelers. As well as travelling I love fitness, fashion and beauty, so expect those to make an appearance from time to time!

featured blogger

2. You’re travelling at the moment, are you finding it tricky to blog and travel at the same time?

I’ve only started writing Being Charlotte since I’ve been in Malta, so I’ve not ever known any different. I think blogging and travelling seem to go hand in hand as I’m out and about so much I have so many pictures and stories to share. I’m thinking it will probably be harder when we hit parts of the world that don’t have such great wi-fi!

3. Where would you like to see your blog in one year from now?

If I can afford to still be travelling and blogging this time next year, that would be pretty perfect! I’m really enjoying blogging so just plan to carry on as I am, and hoping someone (other than my Mum & Dad!) is enjoying reading it.

featured blogger

4. What do you do with your spare time when you’re not blogging?!

Right now I’m in Malta for the summer and working as a freelance Graphic Designer, so days are split between working, sunbathing and exploring. I also love running and am loving my runs along the seafront here, there’s so many runners where I am in Sliema it’s a great atmosphere.

5. And finally, who are your favourite bloggers at the moment.

Too many! One of my favourite bloggers is Sammi from, I think here style is amazing and her photography is great. I also love, Rosie seems so lovely and down to earth. Katie Oldham’s blog is so easy to read, one to sit down and enjoy with a cup of tea. Oh and I guess I’ll have to say Marcus, or I’ll be in trouble!


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