5 Great Blog Post Ideas


Constantly churning out blog posts can become stressful- especially if you start to run dry of ideas! If you do ever come unstuck when trying to think of new post ideas, hang onto this guide and use one of the content ideas below!

1.       Interview other bloggers

This is something we’d recommend doing at least once a month- not least because it’s a great way to network with your blogging peers. Consider asking your following if they can suggest any questions, this way you’ll be getting your audience involved. There may well be some more post ideas in the questions they suggest too!

2.       Create a weekly series

One great way to make sure you never run out of content ideas is to start up a series. A weekly series is best, for example if you’re a travel blogger your top favourite restaurants in each city could work. If you’re a beauty blogger focus on a different type of product each week- Sali Hughes for the Guardian is a great example of this.

3.       Write a ‘how to’ article

What are you good at, that your readers might be able to benefit from? It’s best of course if it’s relevant to your blog, so for example if you blog about beauty a ‘how to make your own home-made facemask’ may be relevant. How to posts are always interesting, and you can get some great reader interaction from them too!

4.       The weekly round up

Spend a little time each week looking through your favourite bloggers and pick a few of their posts to create a ‘weekly round-up’ of blogging in your genre. If you can create a feature of this, you can try and place yourself as the ‘go to’ blogger for the best news in your genre. Just around 3-5 picks will be enough- you’ll want to keep it quite exclusive. If you can get the bloggers you feature to tweet about your picks!

5.       Collaborative posts

Get in touch with a few of your blogger contemporaries and arrange a collaborative post idea. A great Christmas themed one would of course be a secret santa! But try ‘tags’ too- plenty of well known established bloggers collaborate with ‘tag’ posts as they can be a great way to use your blogging community to widen your readership! The more you work with other bloggers the wider your coverage will be, so try to get a few bloggers involved!


If you need any advice or have any questions on how to make these ideas a reality get in touch with for help!

One Response to 5 Great Blog Post Ideas

  1. Victoria December 6, 2013 at 1:38 pm #

    Thanks for the tips. I find the weekly post series quite a useful one – means you don’t have to think too hard, which is always nice! I like reading ‘How to’ guides on other blogs too – they’re so versatile and can be really interesting to read how other people do things vs how you do them yourself.

    Have a good weekend!

    Victoria, shabby-chic-home.com