10 Quick Ways to Tidy up Your Blog

10 quick ways to tidy up your blog

  1. Justify your content

Centred text or right aligned just looks messy and you want your blog to look as uniformed and straight as possible.


  1. Images are the same size

All our images are 623 pix in width so they fill the page. It makes the posts look neater and everything matches.


  1. All your content is tagged

This means that users can find similar posts easily, and it will make it easier for you to categorise your posts.


  1. All your image edits are the same

Here, all our images are Photoshopped to be as bright as possible, and we use the font Primetime. It creates a ‘Bloggers’ Lounge’ look that is recognisable.


  1. You have clear design

That means that every post looks the same- same font, same spacing, same image edits, and same layout. It is simple to do and makes your blog look really professional.


  1. Your social media buttons match

They can be edited so they match your blog design- look here for more info!


  1. The colour of your links match your blog

You’ll know that when you put in a hyperlink, the colour changes. Make sure the colour matches your blog design.


  1. Your background is clean and not overcrowded

This is kind of subjective depending on your style, but really the rule ‘less is more’ really applies here. Your readers should be able to focus on your content easily and not be distracted by an all singing, all dancing background.


  1. You run regular crawls on your blog

Just to keep an eye out for bugs, make sure that everything looks as amazing as it can, and you haven’t let anything slip.


  1. Make sure it’s mobile friendly

On the 21st April, Google will start to penalise websites that aren’t mobile friendly. Take a look here to see what you can do.

So there are our quick tips- do you have any more? Leave them in the comments below!

One Response to 10 Quick Ways to Tidy up Your Blog

  1. Tania Jayne April 10, 2015 at 1:10 pm #

    Thanks for these tips, I’m re-designing my blog at the moment so will make sure these are in place in the process. Xx