The Bloggers’ Lounge ‘Why I started Blogging’ Series! The Second 10…..



Here are the second 10 bloggers who took part in our series! We had such a great response to this we couldn’t keep it down to 20 bloggers, so we have another 5 for you coming later in the week!


Aim Above Limits-

Aim Above Limits was established to share my personal style, fashion adventures as well as the newest and brightest up and coming designers and brands. However, it represents more than that. I started blogging to enable me to have a creative release from the pressures at university. It was a way to escape the hustle and bustle of busy campus life, and loose myself in fashion, even just for half an hour.


Jordan Alice-

I started my blog purely to have somewhere to talk about my favourite beauty products. None of my friends shared my passion and I was amazed that I had found a community online that understand my love and actually wanted to talk to me about their favourite eye-shadow or perfume! 


Phat Cupcake-

I started my blog as a motivation tool to help me lose weight. Within 6 months I was writing restaurant reviews and judging cocktail competitions! The thing I love most about blogging is the amazing people I have met. Some have become lifelong friends whilst most are incredibly supportive. 

Joiee Birch

Mr. Joiee-

I started blogging because there are a lot of issues that I feel strongly about. I’ve always been very opinionated, and my blog allows me to share my views with an audience. I love the interactive aspect, and enjoy engaging with my readers in the comment section of my posts!

Liz Townson

Expression and Confession-

I “just need some mental space”, I said, reflecting on my hard but rewarding life as a mum of two. I felt the need to diarise, engage with my daily reflections and capture life events, thoughts and feelings.  I also felt I wanted to share these which I find strangely therapeutic!


Little Blonde

I was completely unaware what blogs where at the start of the year. I started my blog in January as heading into another yet was met with the typical “where has the past year gone” . I wanted a way I could keep a diary and somewhere to easily keep track adventurers and thoughts. I then discovered blogging. For me having a potential audience to share aspects of my life with gave me more of a push to make my life less boring and do more. Over the past 11 months my blog has grown into a lifestyle blog and has steadily grown a following and Little Blonde Life is something I’ve become very proud of.

Tasha Mughal

My Weird Wide World-

I started blogging because I found it was a place to vent my frustrations about university and boys. It seemed a place where no one I knew would look, especially my mum, unless I wanted them too. These days it’s things that interest me and that I am doing


Dimple to Dimple-

I used to watch the likes of Sammi, BeautyCrush and Grace, Uglyfaceofbeauty religiously on Youtube and decided I wanted my own little space of the internet to share what I’d bought, what I wore, what I did etc – but the thought of Youtube terrified me, so a blog was ideal.

Laura Pearson-Smith

A Life With Frills-

I have been a fashion, beauty and travel journalist for years. Last Christmas I wanted to write content that was a lot more personal- I get up to some quite interesting things, so I wanted a place to share them no holds barred. ‘A Life With Frills’ was born!


Prosesso and Pie-

My lifestyle blog ‘Prosecco and Pie’ was born from two things: my passion for writing and a love of where I live. I really wanted to support the local businesses and places where I spend most of my time (and money!) There are so many hidden gems to support and explore, regardless of how much money you have to spend, hence the name, Prosecco and Pie.

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