The Bloggers’ Lounge ‘Why I Started Blogging’ Series! The First 10…


August Art

Loving Life-

“I started blogging as I love reading blogs and I thought it would be fun to write my own. I hoped it would help me use my spare time better (‘productive procrastination’) and organise my time better. It’s also a way to justify my spending!”

Rebecca-Louise Viner

Autumn Leaves-

“I started blogging on a gap between finishing college and starting my first job. I had no idea what I wanted to post about and it took me a while to realise my real passion – beauty. I now love everything about it – the people, the products and the writing.”

Paula Hunter

Pretty Polly’s Blog-

“I had been reading other blogs and thought it looked like a fun way to spend my spare time.  I love taking pictures, going to events and talking about products and even though it’s harder work than first thought, I am still always thinking of my next post.”

Emma Trotter

Awkward Magazine-

“I wanted to create a space online that brought together my fashion and beauty posts with an insight into my real life, as well as featuring others and their passions. I recently launched my inspired interview series to share the stories of people who inspire me”


Unwritten Hollywood-

“For two years I toyed with creating a blog, but I was never committed. When I finally created Unwritten Hollywood, it was to share my style, and how I like to dress to the trends while showing girls you can dress for less no matter your body shape!”


Carousel Diary -

“I started Carousel Diary just over a year ago, despite having blogged on and off previously, because I wanted something I could focus on and watch grow. A blog is a great platform to enable your voice to be heard and making it a success has made me a more motivated individual.”

Jane Arschavir

Hodge Podge Days-

“I’ve had a tough year health-wise and been quite lonely in my thoughts. I started blogging for myself, to get things out of my head. My writing was well received, people liked the often stark honesty of it and although I still write a great deal about my myself, I’ve now started writing reviews and other standard blogger fodder. I love it, I love writing and I love the blogging community. I hope I’m here to stay.”


The University Project-

Reading blogs was a great procrastination method in my first year at university! I was so interested and inspired by what others were saying about everything out there that I wondered if my views would be as interesting and so The University Project was born!

Jessica Nelson

Jessica In Your

“I only discovered the world of blogging in the summer of my first year at university, but I soon decided that I wanted to try it for myself. Ever since, I’ve used blogging as a creative outlet, which allows me to show off my writing skills whilst sharing what I love with the internet.”

Megan Lillie

Thumbelina Lillie-  

“I started blogging because I needed somewhere to express myself. It’s a platform for me to discuss my opinions on beauty products and showcase my everyday outfits to whoever wants to see. Blogging has become somewhat a creative outlet for me and is certainly the best thing I’ve ever done.”




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