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Be More Blog Organised

  It is so important to keep your blog and your blogging life as organised as you can- it is one of the first steps to making your blog professional, and getting the attention of brands! Schedule Tweets There are lots of great apps for this, such as Hootsuite and Twuffer. We know that juggling […]

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How to Scale Your Content Creation

So you’ve heard it before – in order for your blog to be successful you need lots of good quality, genuine content that people will find interesting and useful. However this can also be the worst part of blogging. Coming up with ideas for posts, then creating, editing and publishing them takes time; lots and […]

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Klout for bloggers

How Should Bloggers Use Klout?

If you want to blog successfully, you need to maximise the impact of your Social Media. There are many tools and metrics have been developed to help you measure, schedule and track the impact of your social activity that have launched, failed, and thrived these past few years. One metric that many thought, only last […]

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How to Make Money from Your Blog

Making money from blogging is hard, I don’t want to give anyone any illusions it’s an easy road! However if you work on developing a business model that suits you and your blog you might just make it! The road will be long, and the key to making it is time and patience. You’ll need […]

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Three Common Myths about Blogging

Blogging has changed so much over the past decade it’s almost unrecognisable; however there are some ‘rules’ we all believe to be 100% true even though they’re now about 5 years old (light-years in the blogging world!). So many bloggers still judge their own success alongside a set of really outdated ideas- so here are […]

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10 Dogs Who Would Make the Best Bloggers

1. This dog would be first on the #bblogger make-up trends. Fabulous eyebrows.   http://tumblr.forgifs.com 2. Such a pro at negotiating with brands.   DEAL DONE. http://s3-ec.buzzfed.com/ 3. Always the sassiest one at the blogger events. http://tumblr.forgifs.com/ 4. Imagine the OOTD posts…….. http://octopussoir-.tumblr.com/ 5. This dog would have so many fans. http://tumblr.forgifs.com/ 6. This dog can pose alongside the very best […]

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