An Interview with Paula Holmes of The P-Ho Diaries!


Paula Holmes is a rising star in the blogging world and was kind enough to chat with me about her blogging experience. Her blog, The P-Ho Diaries, is classy yet down to earth, with a brilliant mixture of posts that encompass Paula’s life. Read on for some quality blogging advice and insights into her world!

So, first things first, what brought you into the blogging world, how did you know it was for you?

I was working at an agency in London where we dealt with bloggers on a day-to-day basis on social and search campaigns; I always loved reading through the blogs and wanted to do something similar myself. It took me months of procrastinating before I decided to start, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing and my layout was as basic as can be. But I just started writing about what I had done that day (lunch with a friend) and kept at it like a diary, hence the name. I really enjoy being able to record my thoughts and pictures, especially as I am using Facebook less and less these days.

Your blog is now very reputable, and you have a great following. What would be your top tip to any bloggers that are just starting out?

Be true to yourself. Don’t write about anything because you feel you have to, or it’s popular or will get you more search hits. I have always just written about what I like, fashion, beauty and mainly food and it has seemed to work out well. Don’t be afraid to promote yourself, if no one can hear you, how do they know you are there!

And what do you feel is the most challenging aspect of blogging and how do you deal with that?

I think for me it’s managing my time between freelance work, writing my novel and the blog. Sometimes it’s hard to get the right balance as one day you might get an influx of emails relating to the blog. I just try and dedicate a certain amount of time to blogging to stay on top of things and I make lists, lots of lists! I also try to have an editorial calendar which I find really helps.

Your blog is nice and varied, encompassing plenty of topics – what’s your favourite niche?

It’s hard to choose as I go through stages of really enjoying writing about beauty then I’ll focus on something more lifestyle based. I think if I had to pick though I’d say fashion.


What do you find is the best thing about writing a blog?

I have been to some great events and tried things I never would have before, which I would only have had the chance to do through blogging. I also love meeting new people so having the chance to meet other bloggers who share your interests and connecting with people in the industry is awesome.

You’ve not long updated your theme and it looks great, aside from its appearance, how do you feel your blog has grown over time and what are your aims for the future?

I think I definitely have a lot more direction, I know what I want to write about and similarly what I don’t. When I first started, I was using my Blackberry camera, that has certainly changed and I am now using an Olympus camera, which has been great for taking my blog photos. In the future I would love to work with a brand on a collaboration of my own product like I have seen some top bloggers too, that would be absolutely amazing. Additionally I would like to learn more about photography and hopefully improve my skills even more.

And finally, who are your favourite bloggers right now?

I have so many it’d be hard to pick! I take a lot of fashion inspiration though from bloggers on - it’s such a great way to find different bloggers from other countries and they look amazing.

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