Blogging for Your Own Business


Do you run your own business? A blog can be an excellent and exciting way to promote a growing business. In a crowded market place a blog can be your tool to differentiate your brand’s tone of voice, story and mission against other businesses competing in the same space. It can be used to showcase your products, services or output in creative and visual ways with more substance behind it than social media updates. A blog can integrate a local small business into the community it serves, and used to tell stories of the people, materials and processes that make the business work. However, blogging can be a tough enough task on its own without the added pressure of a business to run. Here are some of our quick tips for ways to create a great business blog:

1. Have a strategy in place

What do you want to accomplish from a business blog? Have a goal in mind and ask yourself if what you’re working on aligns to that goal every time you work on your blog. Your goals can change when your business grows, but always stick to the intended aim of your blog. A strategy and plan will keep your blog on a clear sense of direction.

2. Provide context around your business

Avoid directly selling your business, use your blog to provide extra information or ideas of what the output of your business can be used for. Maybe you could feature some of your customers or clients and how you have helped them, or if you sell a product, let your readers know how they can get the most out of that product.

3. Keep it simple

If you do struggle for time, keep your posts short and visually engaging. Trying to say several different things in one post will dilute the point you are trying to convey to your readers and potential customers or clients. Keep a calendar for your posts and plan ahead.

4. A blog isn’t a Facebook page

Blog posts will ‘last’ longer than Facebook updates, and provide a rich background story to your business. Use your blog as your content hub and a space to differentiate your business’ tone of voice and brand against competitors. Use social media channels to distribute your posts and to add occasional pictures, fun stuff and special offers.

5. Integrate yourself into your community

If you run a local business that serves your local community a blog is a great way to provide rich context around your business. Post about your customers and local events or issues.

6. Let your industry guide your posting schedule

Turn your blog into a resource for your industry or profession, and your readers should keep coming back for more information. Show behind the scenes of what goes on in creating your business output, and show how you do this better than anyone else.


Do you run a blog for your business? What has been the best/hardest part for you? We’d love to hear about your experiences, so please share with your community of fellow bloggers! 

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