How to Maintain Brand Relationships

now to maintain brand relationships

Once you’ve secured yourself a brand collaboration the hard work is far from over. Usually a relationship will begin with something simple, like a review or a competition- the key is to not let this contact be the last.  You need to make sure you build on this initial project so both you and the brands you love can both benefit in the long term! Running successful blog is all about sustainability, so here are a few simple tips to help you build on what you’ve already achieved!

-          Make Sure You’re 100% Clear on What the Brands’ Goals Are

If you don’t already have a clear idea of what the brand needs or wants from a blogger collaboration- ask them! Make sure you know what kind of tone of voice they follow, how important visuals are to them and what kind of ideas they are open to. If anything, being clear on this will give you a steer on how far you want to take the relationship. If your priorities are different you’ll know to place your efforts elsewhere.

-          Suggest a Follow Up Project

There are so many occasions when I’ve been working with a blogger, and once the project is over that’s it- only to find that 6 months later they would have loved to work with me again! Don’t be shy- PR’s, brands and content exec’s absolutely love it when bloggers suggest new ideas for working together. Not only that, but the end result is always far more natural and rewarding when the leading force is the blogger!

-          Create a Portfolio of Past Brand Collaborations

This doesn’t have to be a groundbreaking booklet of amazing collaborations. I’m talking about a few examples- links to posts, screen shots of tweets- that kind of thing. Brands will find it reassuring to see what else you’ve worked on, and it will help you suggest further collaboration with the brands you love.

-          Stay in Touch on Social

See a campaign one of your favourite brands is running and love it? Tweet them! Staying in touch with brands you’ve worked with on social media is a great way of maintaining the relationship while activity is on the back burner. Simple, yet effective.

-          Meet Up!

Actually meeting with people face to face has become a rarity in the digital age, but going for a coffee and just having a relaxed chat can cement a working relationship far better than a string of emails! Of course this isn’t always possible; but where you can, do try to meet the people you intend to work with in the long term!


Have you got any tips on how to stay in touch with your favourite brands?! We’d love to hear them!

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